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3 Things Your Restaurant Business Need When It Re-Opens During a Pandemic

Owning a restaurant is tricky at the best of times, not least when there’s a global pandemic. Unfortunately, restaurants and other hospitality businesses are some of the first enterprises to be closed when lockdowns hit. There is some logic behind it, but it’s not ideal for small business owners.

Thankfully, this won’t be a permanent thing, and you may be allowed to open your restaurant back up at any moment. The abruptness of these changes means you have to be prepared to hit the ground running. Start by ensuring you have these three things in place:

Hand sanitisers 

Ideally, you should have hand sanitiser on every table in your restaurant. You don’t need to worry about any disinfectant as your staff should clean the tables and surfaces regularly throughout the day. But, the inclusion of hand sanitiser ensures that all of your guests can keep their hands clean and germ-free when they’re eating. You should have some at the door as well, meaning nobody enters your restaurant without clean hands. It shows you’re making an effort to stop the spread of the virus, so there’s more chance your restaurant will stay open. 

Social distancing signs

Similarly, you have to ensure that the correct social distancing measures are enforced and followed. This is easily done by having some signs posted here and there. If you visit this website, you’ll see lots of different social distancing signs that you can print and stick around your restaurant. The idea is that you remind customers of the rules, ensuring they keep their distance. You can also place signs on certain tables, showing that they’re not in use due to social distancing restrictions. Again, it’s all about following the basic coronavirus safety guidelines to stop the spread and keep your customers informed. 

A contingency plan

This isn’t something you should have inside your restaurant, yet it’s arguably the most critical of all things on here. A contingency plan needs to be thought up in case your restaurant has to close again. During the initial closures, you may have really struggled to stay afloat because it happened out of nowhere. Now, you have time to actually plan for the worst-case scenario. Think about ways you can continue to make money, even if people aren’t allowed in your restraints. Perhaps you may need to offer takeaways and deliver them to customers by yourself? Or, you can create meal kits and ship them to people all over the country. Come up with any ideas like this and use them as a contingency plan. 

Hopefully, you won’t have to call on them. Let’s all hope that the next time your restaurant business is allowed to open, it can stay open forever!

You need all three of these things when your restaurant is allowed to open its doors once more. The first two are crucial as a failure to follow coronavirus guidelines can lead to the government shutting you down. The final thing is just as important as it puts you in a position to deal with future lockdowns and store closures.

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