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4 Great Ways To Show Off Your Brand

Showing off your brand is half the fun of having a brand in the first place. You have poured everything into this business and rightly so, you should be able to show it off and shout from the rooftops everything that you have put into it. It’s important that you choose to show off as this is your chance to get your information out there and show the world what you’ve been up to. 

There is a lot of money and a lot of power out there for your business to get a hold of, and you need to think about how you are going to get noticed. Showing off your brand is the best place to start and just because you need to be creative with your branding doesn’t mean that you start from scratch. You might already know how to show off your business in some ways, like using ICE Signs who can help you with your exterior signage, and getting on your social media. You need to be able to show off and the more ways you can do that, the better. You need to make your world seen, and we’ve got four great ways that you can show off your brand.

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Use your car

If you’re a personal brand, you can use your personal vehicle. If you are purchasing company cars, use wraparound advertising to have your car moving on the go. Your brand is going to be visible all the time when you use a car to advertise. You are going to have a constant advertisement for your business when you do this. People will be drawn to the colours, the shapes and the catchy logo you have. It’s as effective as any billboard.

Get on social media

Anyone who is anyone in business needs to be on social media. There are so many different platforms that you have to choose to advertise on each one without overestimating how much social media is going to be used for your business. It’s a crowded place to advertise, but it’s one of the best places you can be if you are looking to show off your brand a little.

Give away some swag

If you want to get into the pockets of your customers (money and in them knowing who you are), you need to give some stuff away! This means being generous and giving some stuff away. You obviously don’t want to give too much away – that’s your money you’re spending – but you should put together some packs for new customers. Things like tester products and information on your business can all be packed together. 

Run a competition

The best way to get your name rippling through the community is to run a competition. Offer a lucrative prize and you’ll get people doing the work for you and talk about you. This gets your name going! The competition could be shared on social media and it can really change the way that you think about things going forward.

Create Great SEO

SEO, search engine optimization, can put you on the top of every search page. The best way to do this is to create great SEO that is going to hit certain keywords and phrases that directly align with what people are searching for when it comes to your industry and brand. Once you have the right copy to put you on top, every search will organically link the world right to your page. This checklist by FATJOE provides some great tips for optimising your on-page SEO.

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