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4 Hiring Tips for a Talent-Tight Market

4 Hiring Tips for a Talent-Tight Market

If you haven’t noticed, it’s a very candidate-led market right now and recruiters everywhere are pulling their hair out. With the unemployment rate dropping to as low as it has ever been since COVID, we are seeing a huge swing from employer strength to candidate strength. There was once a time where employees had thousands if not millions of candidates to choose from and the job market was slim pickings. 

Now? The script has been flipped and employers are the ones climbing for attention. Candidates are staying in their roles that they currently have, which means they are not out there looking for jobs or vying for attention. Trying to hire into the food manufacturing jobs that you have available may be harder because other companies have offered more money and better benefits at a time where the cost of living is going nuts. It is essential that employers learn to manage their recruitment processes so that they can entice the best candidates fast – or they risk losing them to other organizations. Millennials are no longer looking at those fancy lunches and dress down Fridays as perks – they want more. Here are four hiring tips for a talent-tight market.

  • Start looking beyond skills. When you are hiring, the chances are high that you have a wish list of skills that you would like to see in the candidates that apply for the jobs. It’s time to adjust your expectations and broaden your brief here. You need to look at the skills that you would like versus the skills that you need, and decide whether or not it’s worth your time training new candidates to work the way you want them to work. The reason we say this is because you’re going to find that the candidates available to you may have the right personality for the role but not the right skills.
  • Work on your EVP. Your employer value proposition is important when you are trying to attract top caliber talent. What is it that you can offer that other companies can’t? In the candidate-led marketplace, you’re going to be competing within the same talent pool as your competitors, and your company branding when advertising your vacancy has to attract the candidates that may not be fully active within the job seeking market. Headhunting is important, but you need to be able to offer something more. Candidates don’t want to be paid in free lunch Fridays – they want the good salaries, and they know they can get them. You have to be prepared to fight your corner.
  • Keep your interview processes short. If you want to hire the best and you need to make sure that your recruitment process is sufficient because you can guarantee that each candidate that’s interviewing with you has the interest from other companies. You need to be first to be able to offer the best.
  • Be honest. If you know that you’re hiring because you are desperate, then you need to be honest and you need to set your budget so that you are able to negotiate. Candidates want you to be candid and that means being as honest as possible throughout the process.

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