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5 Solid Tips To Help You Work From Home

Many office workers had lofty ideas about working from home and how much more relaxed it would be to be in your pyjamas all day. Then came Covid-19, and most had to face the reality of working from home. In fact about 46.6% of people in employment work from home mainly due to the pandemic. While working from home may sound flexible and ideal, it comes with its own issues. If you are keen to overcome the challenges that it brings, here are five solid tips to help you get started.

Create a workstation

The first thing to consider if you are going to work from home and be productive is creating a workstation. From recent studies, it was revealed that up to 80% of people admitted to working right from their beds. The results showed a marked decrease in productivity as compared to when they worked from the office. You must create a workstation in your home, where you can fully concentrate and be in “work” mode and meet your targets. Separate yourself from home comforts and set boundaries. Fortunately, the internet is rife with resources on home office tips and how to create the perfect workspace in your home.

Have a morning routine

If you are going to be productive working from home, consistency is key. One way to develop consistency is by having a morning routine. The best way to practice this is to stick to the routine you had for preparing to work regularly. Wake up at the same time and prepare adequately for the day, doing all the things you would do before leaving for the office.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Picture yourself at work, your calendar to your left, and how you go about your day. Follow your regular schedule religiously, including breaks, and a walkabout. Also, make time to check in with your family and make sure everything is alright so that you are not distracted from your work later. Creating and following a schedule will aid your mind and body adjust to your new working environment.


One thing that most people neglect when working from home is communication. At the office, there is usually interaction with teammates to strategize on how to meet an objective. Working from home takes away a bit of that camaraderie and you end up being engrossed in work that may not help the overall team effort. Do well to communicate with team members and be in the information loop so that you can all coordinate to attain the group objectives. Make use of the internet and your phones to stay in touch with colleagues.

Stick to working hours

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When you are at work there is this undeniable itch that can only be appeased when you close. Working from home, you may constantly blur the lines between working hours, and you may end up working past your regular hours. You have to develop self-discipline and stick to the schedule you created to be productive. A study recently conducted by Buffer revealed that 22% of people who worked from home indicated that a major problem was knowing when to call it a day. You can avoid such a challenge by following the schedule you created and focusing on the work for the day. When it is time to close, call it a day.

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