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6 Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Bar

An average of 18 pubs were closing down each week even before the pandemic struck in the United Kingdom. However, the situation became even worse during the outbreak, as bar and pub customer dwindled to a disturbing low. As a result, their operators have no option other than to up their game in these desperate times. What strategies can you adopt as a bar owner to promote your establishment? Here are some practical ideas. 

Have attractive signage and interiors

A business’ signage is the primary physical element that appeals to the customer and is the ‘face’ of your business enhancing your marketing. It’s best to consider what people see before and after they walk in or out of your business doors to help you develop catchy designs. Remember, you may never get a chance to recreate a first impression if your signage, location, and interior appeal are sub-standard.

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Additionally, there are countless ideas to tap into regarding your interior appeal. For instance, if your bar is notable for its draft beer, you can explore many options to enhance its physical appeal and create the perfect atmosphere. You can try drawing more customers by getting the perfect draft skins in various designs to suit whatever theme you prefer. Secondly, if your target market is the successful male, you may want to create an ambience that projects masculinity and strength through its décor. Knowing your market will give you insight into how to create the perfect appeal to connect with them.

Take advantage of social media and other online platforms

The value of social media and its benefits can’t be overlooked, especially in these times. Many businesses are maximising online platforms, making it crucial for you to adapt to stay competitive. One way to get started is to make a deliberate effort to post various content in line with your business. Whether in video format or typed, these posts must be interactive and engaging to help you increase your followers and viewership. Besides posting content on what you have to offer, you can go the extra mile by adding safety tips to keep your customers informed and assure them that you prioritise safety protocols. Doing this will help them feel safe and encourage them to patronise your bar. 

Meanwhile, it would help if you included keywords in your content on all online platforms to boost your search engine optimisation. For example, if your business is based in London, use a term such as ‘bars in London’ to help people find you. Besides, it will improve your Google search ranking.

Additionally, it’s best to target specific social channels for a more unified approach. It’s recommended to stick to a maximum of two social media platforms to increase focus and improve the quality of your content. You should also know your market’s demographics to inform you on which ones are most suitable for your publicity and promotion activities.

Promote and sell unique drinks you have in stock

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You can offer various drinks to your customers as long as you have the license. However, if your goal is to promote your bar, you must go beyond serving the ordinary drinks they can find elsewhere. The secret to successful bars is their diversifying business and always having that unique product that captivates customers. This strategy demands a great deal of creativity and tenacity to keep introducing even more varieties.

As the bar operator, it would help if you invested in hiring a mixologist and professional bartenders. These are talents you’ll need to formulate special alcoholic drinks and other soft beverages your clients can’t get anywhere else. You can add a twist by promoting the ‘secret recipe’ that’s behind your bar’s special drink. That notwithstanding, always keep a variety of ales and beers to satisfy patrons. Customers will keep coming back for more!

Offer strategic discounts

Pricing strategy is critical to business sustenance. You still need to make revenue while pleasing the customer, mainly when several competitors are within the same space. As such, your pricing strategy should be suitable for your daily operations and not have a negative impact on profits. As a tip, promote discounts only at specific times of the year. For example, bank holidays, New Year and Christmas are excellent times to draw customers.

Another strategic discount option you can try out is to offer free drinks to a defined number of customers who patronise the bar at scheduled times. Furthermore, you can offer gift cards that give users specific discounts in your bar. Better yet, use your online channels for advertising discount codes for a limited period. Some business operators add some creativity by embedding codes in puzzles, and whoever solves it wins the code. The options to use are endless; all you need to do is explore which ones suit your business best.

Reward repeat customers

Customers love to be remembered and also love to have special recognition. Having this in mind will help you develop relevant and memorable marketing strategies for your bar. As your business falls under the hospitality industry, it depends heavily on repeat customers. According to a 2019 business survey, more than 50% of sales made within the hospitality industry are from satisfied patrons who came back to transact business again. In other words, repeat customers are crucial to your business.

Due to this, loyalty rewards and incentives targeting customers who stick to specific brands have significantly increased. Admittedly, this can be difficult for a bar to replicate. However, with some deep thinking and creativity, you can pull it off. For instance, you can organise monthly wine tasting sessions and have your repeat customers partake in the exercise for free. As simple as this strategy sounds, it makes your regulars feel remembered and cherished, and you score some considerable loyalty points.

Stay consistent

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Consistency is more of a business principle than a marketing strategy from several perspectives. Nevertheless, Your business needs to adopt promotion marketing activities to ensure business survival, frequency, and relevance. Being consistent helps position your bar in your customers’ minds as a dependable brand. 

In conclusion, times have changed, and shifting trends tend to be the order of the day for businesses. It’s essential for your business to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. You can try out the marketing mentioned above and promotional ideas to remain in business for the long haul.

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