Based in London, CommonWisdom helps growing startups with their People & HR & Culture strategies and problems. For early-level startups, it provides strategic direction and mentoring to go from an idea to execution.

We help businesses make better people decisions on recruitment, management and company culture.

  • Competency Based or Advanced Behavioral Interview Training
  • Company Culture Discovery & Redesign Programme
  • Recruitment Playbook & HR-Marketing Tactics & Content Writing
  • Benefits & Compensation System Design
  • New Manager Training: Goal Setting, Appraisals, Redirects, Feedbacks, One-on-Ones, Rituals, Solving the 7 Dysfunctions

We help startups execute their ideas and make better decisions to grow.

  • Startup Mindset Fundamentals
  • Market & Competition Research
  • MVP and Value Proposition
  • Partnering, Recruiting, Culture
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Sales & Pitch Decks
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Customer Journey Feedback
  • Social Reach & Awareness
  • How & When to Pivot
  • How & When to Scale
  • Investment & Funding Tactics

To learn more about our professional services, reach out to me via ozan@commonwisdom.co.uk

And remember! All great companies are built on great cultures & startups can only grow with the right people decisions.