CommonWisdom People & Culture Consultancy, London

CommonWisdom Consultancy London helps growing startups with their People & Culture matters. This includes anything from picking the right co-founder to recruiting the top talent; creating the right organizational structure to building a robust company culture.

We are exclusively focused on startups and believe “HR” is old school. Startup & Scaleup success is all about solving people complexities and building a winning culture.

We help startups make better people decisions.

For partnerships or about becoming a client; shoot an e-mail to ozan@commonwisdom.co.uk

All great companies are built on great cultures & startups can only grow with the right people decisions!commonwisdom people consultancy logo

Great News!

  • [August 2018] Commonwisdom.co is now one of the official partners of London’s biggest startup/business event: TheBusinessShow2018.
  • [July 2018] We have taken on letgo.com as a client. Still in progress, CommonWisdom is leading the talent acquisition for the 6 person expansion to their team!
  • [June 2018] London’s greatest centre for tech startups, TechHub.London is hosting Ozzie in its new “Office Hours” on People Decisions for Startups.
  • [May 2018] Our Founder, Ozan “Ozzie” Dagdeviren has officially been accepted as one of the mentors at Launch22!
  • [May 2018] Startups Grow With People is published on Amazon both as a paperback and an e-book, shortly after, hits the top 100 in the Startups category of bestsellers!