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Adding Colour To Your Grey Matter! Creating A Space To Learn

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Creating A Space To Learn: Image Source

We are so preoccupied with the idea of work, whether it’s in our office space or in our home, that we don’t have that physical and mental space in which to rest and recover. Because we’re so distracted by working, we never have that opportunity to learn and develop. As such, the idea of having your own space, either to study or somewhere that’s inherently yours so you can develop your mental skills, is an essential trait. But what can you do to find a perfect space that you can focus, develop, and fine-tune your abilities?

Identify Your Specific Needs

It all depends on your personality. When it comes to learning and development, you need to discover if you need absolute quiet or you can thrive in noisy conditions. Some people don’t like silence, whereas others need noise around them so they can delve deep into the learning materials.

Find The Right Space

It’s all relative. The right space for you could be your bedroom, but when you start to associate your bedroom with work and learning, this means you won’t have adequate rest time that gives your brain the opportunity to subconsciously process all the information. Somewhere like a garden is ideal, not just because you can enjoy peace and quiet, but you can make space your own so you can sit down and focus.

A garden is a perfect study space in many ways, you can put minimal furniture, like recycled plastic benches or a garden shed, so you are far removed from modern distractions but you can also get inspired. And this is a very important component to learning and studying. Because if you don’t have the enthusiasm, or it’s a miserable day, how will you muster up the energy? A garden is full of colour, different sights, sounds, and smells, and these are all things that can stimulate you in the right way.

Make It Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

You need to learn, so you can’t be too relaxed. You need to discover what state of mind is best for you to retain information, but it’s about that balance between pushing yourself mentally but also ensuring that you are receptive to the information. And this is why last-minute cramming is a double-edged sword. Some people need the pressure in which to focus, whereas others completely crumble. Find your ideal comfort level and fine-tune it.

There are also plenty of resources online to help you focus; things like binaural beats, websites that provide isochronic beats, background noise, and other components can help you learn. If you find that you focus on work too much, you never have that opportunity to learn properly. In the modern-day where we need to have all the answers at our fingertips, we have to be a finely tuned species. And this can be exhausting. And if you need to be clued up and constantly learning new things on a regular basis, it can be exhausting. So in addition to finding the ideal study environment, don’t forget to feed your brain. Not just with the right information, but the right nutrients.

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