7 SEO Trends To Adopt in 2020

7 SEO Trends To Adopt in 2020: pexels

Businesses know the importance of SEO by now, and they know how to use it to achieve success. Nevertheless, SEO best practices are always changing. Technology drives these changes, and it’s imperative to pay attention to the trends, to stay in the competition. Let’s consider a few of the top SEO trends that can help you to grow your business.

1. Nano influencers

In 2020, an increasingly number of companies are using influencers to boost their SEO. A large majority of brands are doing so by using nano influencers. These influencers have considerably smaller followers than celebs or micro-influencers. Nano influencers have anything between 1,000 and 10,000. Despite their smaller followings, they have very active and loyal audiences. Another appeal of nano influencers is that they are perceived as more down to earth. Due to this, these campaigns feel and appear more authentic.

2. Voice search response

This year, businesses should aim to respond to voice searches. In the last year or so, voice searches have greatly increased in popularity, and these trends are predicted to continue. To optimize for voice search, companies should prioritise long-tail keywords and a conversational tone of voice. You should ramp up your SEO best practices, and ensure that you are focusing your efforts on search intent.

3. SEO & video content

Search engines like Google just love video content, so if you’re not already producing it, now is the time to start. When you are designing your videos, make sure that you give Google descriptions that explain the content. To drive more traffic, ensure that you embed the videos and optimize them to fit the width of your blog. It’s also useful to offer a transcript to help the search engines further. Live streaming is another growing trend this year; many brands are using it to widen their reach and improve loyalty. There are several platforms that you can use for live streaming, including Facebook Live, Twitch, Restream, or Vimeo.

4. Site security 

Ensuring that your site is properly secure can help you to boost your SEO. If your users are met with a ‘not secure’ alert when attempting to access your site, this may increase your bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high, this will negatively affect your rankings. When users feel safe on your site they are far more likely to stick around.

Make sure that you use HTTPS protocol, doing so will help to establish an encrypted and secure connection.

5. Top quality content

In 2020, brands are in competition to create the very best content that they can. Many would argue that quality content is now more important than keywords. One of the best content marketing tips is to produce content that’s creative, non-salesy and rich with info. Your content is your chance to educate your readers, achieve thought leadership and gain trust. When you find yourself running out ideas, try using a content tool to support you. Tools including Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator, Answer The People or Ubersuggest can help you to find content ideas. In addition to these tools, there many many free SEO tools to support your keyword research. Your target audience is used to seeing plenty of similar content, so ensure that your ideas express something unique.

6. Improved user experience 

The user experience of your site will affect your bounce rates, and consequently your rankings in Google. To improve UX ensure that your website is mobile friendly, optimized for speed and showcasing quality content. Your site should be beautifully designed so that users can navigate the pages with ease. Thankfully, you don’t need a huge budget to get yourself a great website. There are companies out there who offer Cheap Web Design without compromising on the quality. A website that’s poorly designed and overly complex will quickly send your visitors elsewhere.

7. Visual search

Visual searches are well and truly on the rise. People want to use photographs to find the products and services they are looking for. Visual search is useful for things like recipes, business reviews, or to identity landmarks. To optimize for visual search it’s important to use image SEO. You should also include file names with accurate and detailed descriptions.

Keeping on top of the SEO trends each year will help your business to improve your traffic and remain one step ahead. As the digital marketing industry grows, there’s always plenty more to learn. With this in mind, it’s useful to review your strategies on a regular basis.

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