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Be A Better Manager With These Unmissable Strategies

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Office in chaos? Team not listening to a word you say? Projects overdue and over budget? Then you may need to learn to be a better manager. A subject you can find out all about in my post below.

Be firm, fair, & consistent

To be a better manager you need to be firm, fair, and consistent, which sound a lot easier than it actually is.

In fact, it can be incredibly difficult to be firm with employees especially if they are older than you or you see them as friends. It can also be tough to be fair because you aren’t going to like everyone the same and preventing this from affecting your judgement whether consciously or unconsciously can be difficult.

Then there is the consistency side of things, where you need to set your expectations and what will happen if these aren’t met, something that can it be difficult to do, especially if it means escalating things to where a member of your team could end up losing their job. However, although complicated, being this way as a manager is essential for success!

Brush up on your skills

Even though being the type of manager above is hard, you aren’t entirely alone on this road. In fact, like many people you may find great benefit in taking a course to improve your management skills and help you to really grasp the essence of your role. In fact, doing so may not only help you be a more effective manager but stay true to yourself and lead authentically as well. Something that can provide excellent results for your business and improve your personal job satisfaction as well.

Of course, the critical thing to remember here is that managers aren’t born they are made, and that means you can learn all the skill you need to thrive in this type of role. If you put the time and effort in, that is.

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Get good at recruitment and selection

Next, to be a better manager you need to get good at the recruitment and team selection parts of your role. After all, it much harder to manage a poorly put together team.

Happily, you may be able to gain some on the job training by sitting in on the interviews that other department heads or even your superiors hold. Although, there is also a fair bit of information and advice on this subject online that it would be worthwhile accessing too.

Teach don’t tell

Lastly, to improve your management style, it is crucial to remember that the best lead by example and teach their employees how to behave or how to complete a task, rather than just telling them.

In fact, by managing other in this way you can head a lot of problems off at the pass. This is because not only do most people find it easier to learn when they are shown rather than just told but you also simultaneously will show that you are capable of completing the task as well. Something that will inspire confidence in your employees, and help you to be the best manager possible.

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