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Best Ways To Offer Online Customer Support

From improving your conversion rate to building better customer loyalty, the benefits of great online customer support don’t need to be laid out for the majority of business owners. The question isn’t why, but how. Here, we’re going to look at a few of the best online customer support methods, what makes them so effective, and how to make good use of them.

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Give them the resources they need

Never underestimate the customer’s ability to solve their own problems when you can get out of their way. They are not always going to need someone to handhold them through the barriers they are currently facing. If there’s a solution available, many would be just as happy to learn it themselves and to get on with it. As such, a good support knowledge base can help provide the answers they need. It’s also wise to have links to relevant portions of those guides in the spots where customers might need them so they can more quickly retrieve the info they need and get on with it.

Start a conversation

One of the best ways to support your customer is by being proactive. You don’t want to be too intrusive on their shopping experience, but letting them know they’re not alone can help them turn to your support team when they might otherwise simply turn away from the site. To that end, a live chat answering service can make sure that you’re always there to help when they need you. Make sure that your team is working from a knowledge base so they can quickly respond to the most common issues, too.

Act on reports quickly

You may not always have the manpower to ensure that someone is always available through an onsite chat too. That’s a simple fact of life for most online businesses, which tend to be on the smaller side. However, with a support ticket system, you can always make sure that you can respond when you’re available and that you don’t miss a call for help. If you do have limited hours to provide support, be sure to let customers know by having that information on the support page.

Empower your support team

If a customer has had a recurring problem with your business or an issue that has lasted for some time, then one of the worst things to do is treat them like they’re a new face. Customer relationship management tools are effective for helping your sales and support team save the information that is gathered on customers, including their past interactions with the business so they can more easily get into the context of their problem and start helping more quickly.

The answer to the question “what kind of online customer support should I put in place?” Is going to change from business to business. Some are better suited to some circumstances than others. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s wise to ensure you have the support your customers need in place.

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