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Content to Brand; Brand to Culture (Podcast)

Content to Brand; Brand to Culture

Brand to Culture

Being successful as a content creator depends on building a brand. Today, building a brand is more about the people & culture of that organization ever than before. Brand to culture is a simple but valid way of looking at it.

Listen to this podcast to get an idea of the arguments behind this way of thinking. The summary of the ideas are as follows.

Listen to “Startups & People by CommonWisdom.co” on Spreaker.

  1. Individual career choices have to be made more like a business does in this age. Considering the skills, the know-how and talent of the individual on one side, looking at the needs of the markets on the other and strategizing within the intersection areas.
  2. In the time of abundant content on the internet, the only way to cut through – to be the signal among the static noise – is to create brands. Brands are the symbolic attachments to people’s brains through the right feelings, thoughts and associations.
  3. To create a brand, you need to create a culture. In the age of radical transparency, you have no chance of creating a brand identity that does not match with the realities of your own people. Dissatisfied, unfairly treated employees will pull the brand down, unreasonable employee turnover and dissatisfactory performance will make it impossible to compete.

Creating brands is about being consistent in your message, tone of voice etc, the way to that today emerges as culture. Bad culture equals bad brand; bad brand equals bad business. Building a strong brand is about building a strong culture first.

One more point: Peter Thiel in Zero to One talks about a story at PayPal. The way they solved the fraudulent behavior problem was to use both the people and the machine, so the solution is the human – machine integration of doing business. As more business use machines for their operations; their differentiation point becomes more about people.

Startup & People Decisions

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