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Can Your Business Benefit Your Community?


As a business, you’re working within a community that’s filled with entrepreneurs just like you. Even if you’re just operating online, there’s a lot your community does for you: provides materials, provides labor, and you simply live there, which is often enough! So why not do something for your area in return? 

We’ve touched on this topic before, but as time goes on, the need to give back increases tenfold. And as a business that operates in the area, you’re in the prime position to benefit the people who helped you get there. But if you’re not sure where to start, or who to reach out to to get the ball rolling, be sure to keep in mind the ideas listed below.

Buy as Local as Possible

Buying locally is always a good idea for supporting the promotion of your own community. And not only that, but it also ensures any farmers and/or home growers in the area have a chance to compete with ‘big business’. It’s a good way to encourage diversity in your hometown and beyond, and it helps to cut back on the air miles food sold in the supermarkets racks up. 

So be sure to check out farmers markets, local supply depots, and collaborate with as many different businesses in the area as possible. The more you can source nearby, the cheaper your overall costs will be, which will certainly help the annual profit line to shine. 

Lead a Green Initiative 

As an effective powerhouse within your local community, you’re in the prime position to lead a green initiative that focuses on supporting the local environment. For example, you can put together the materials and help foot the bill of allowing schools or community centers to use recycling centers, or helping to invest in cable recycling machines for other small businesses in the area. 

Indeed, the more you focus on the sustainable, the longer the community itself will last, and all of your hard work will be paid back tenfold. So get together a little plan right now about what your area is struggling with, and brainstorm what you can help to do about it. 

Run a Workshop

You could also think about running a workshop to encourage both activity and awareness in your community. You’ve got the resources to do so, which few people tend to have, and you can then use the resulting outcome of the workshop to your advantage. Open the workshop to all comers for the best results! 

After all, you could find a new hire or two within the participants, or even start your own apprentice scheme as a result, which can often be government backed as well. Simply put, the more you do, the more you get, and that is a great relationship to have as a small business. 

Your business has the chance to make a real, good impact. Why not think about how you can benefit those who live and work around you?

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