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Beware These Design Mistakes With Your Business Website

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You know the importance of a decent website for your business already, of course, and the design mistakes that you have to beware of.

With something that is both good looking and functional, you are going to see a rise in your profits when site visitors become customers because of the website you have created. 

However, you need to be mindful when it comes to website design. If you make the following mistakes, you might turn your site visitors off rather than turning them on when they try to navigate your website.

Design Mistakes #1: Too many call-to-actions

As we discussed in a previous article on web design, you can get your site readers to do something specific with a call-to-action button. So, you might encourage them to ‘click here’ to sign up to your newsletter, or ‘read this’ to visit a particular article on your website. And this is all well and good, to an extent.

You see, if you bombard your site visitors with too many call-to-actions, especially when the same popups appear on every page they land on within your site, you might start to infuriate them. So, our advice is this. Limit the number of call-to-action buttons on your website, and for those that you do include, make sure they are of relevance to your visitors and customers.

Design Mistakes #2: Not optimising for mobile devices

You might be reliant on a laptop or a desktop computer when you’re working in the office, but many of your potential customers will be connecting to you through their smartphones and tablets. If you haven’t optimised your website for these smaller devices, then they are going to experience slowdown and crashes when trying to open your web pages.

Needless to say, they aren’t going to keep trying, as your competitors’ websites are only a couple of clicks away. You will also encounter problems with your SEO, because if people aren’t connecting to your website, you are going to lose your position on Google’s search rankings. So, our advice is this. Use Google’s mobile test page, and if your website fairs poorly, make the necessary changes to your site, or contact a website design and/or an SEO company for further help on the matter. 

Design Mistakes #3: Creating difficult to use web pages

In an effort to dazzle your readers, you might use a variety of colours and fonts in your design, and done well,  these might impress the people who visit your website. Done badly, on the other hand, and you are only going to frustrate them. We are talking about mismatching your text to your background images if the colours make your words difficult to read, and we are talking about typefaces that are hard to read when used with certain colours. You should also be mindful when opting for minimalist web design.

While this is a common trend, your site visitors still need to know what your business does and where to link to certain pages. So don’t confuse them with cryptic images that offer no clear direction, or by hiding your business info deep within the realms of your website. Check out the previously linked article for some advice if you are going down this route with your web design.


Don’t sabotage your business by falling prey to these web design mistakes. Follow our suggestions, and seek the professional services of others if you need help in creating something both functional and beautiful.

Thanks for reading.

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