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Going Paperless At Your Business

advantages of paper free offices

Many businesses in the UK and globally, are now choosing to opt for paperless filing and document archiving systems. Whilst the process of digitisation can be costly and time-consuming. Even if you outsource to another company, the benefits for the long term definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. It seems that with so much business computerised these days, it’s almost an inevitable chain reaction.


It is worth noting, though, that going completely paperless is not always a possibility. You do have compliance to consider here. Which is why it is worth using an expert like Richdale Consultants to ensure you don’t break any of your legal obligations. In some cases, you will need to keep certain records both in paper form and digital form.

For those documents whereby compliance isn’t an issue. We’re taking a closer look at why you should consider going paperless and the numerous advantages both short and long term.

Helping the environment

Every business has an inherent responsibility to consider their impact on the environment. Regardless of whether you’re running a global corporation or a small independent business; each part of your business operations will have some effect on the environment, from your utility usage through to the amount of paper you use within your business. This is why going paperless and moving to a digital document archiving system can help to reduce the amount of paper wastage and the money you spend on it.

Improved business perception

This environmental awareness can have a positive effect on the perception of your business to your customers and suppliers. In a society that’s becoming increasingly eco-conscious, many people would prefer and choose to conduct business with an environmentally conscious company, which could put you ahead of your competitors.  

Paper overload

If you’re swamped by paperwork on a daily basis; perhaps it’s time to consider whether paperless document archiving is a viable option; in most cases it is. Of course, all businesses require a certain amount of paperwork and hard copies of documents that need to be retained for a certain period of time. However, large amounts of this paperwork are simply created through outdated processes or force of habit, thus creating paperwork for the sake of paperwork. By digitalising your business archives you can get rid of the paper overload and streamline your business at the same time.

Better Productivity

With a more streamlined process of business archiving, most businesses, regardless of their size and trade will see a marked increase in productivity levels within their business. This is because document archiving is simpler, more efficient and less time consuming all-round.

Cluttered workspace

Another clear indicator that paperless could be the way forward for your business is if your workspace has become cluttered and full of filing. You have to store all this paperwork somewhere. But over time it can build up and take over valuable room on your premises. A move to paperless and off-site storage facility solutions can kill two birds with one stone. You can free up your office space and put it to better use. Whilst also take advantage of storing any hard copies in a storage facility, where they also offer digitisation document archiving too. Therefore they can do the paperless part for you whilst safely storing your hard copies should you need them.

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