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Three Key Skills For Great Managers

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Great Managers: Image courtesy of Pixabay: CC0 licence

What is your style when it comes to management? Are you someone who likes to be involved in every decision your team makes or are you happy to see the bigger picture and let your staff get on with what they need to do?

Not everyone is born with management skills, but if you want to get the best out of your workforce you’re going to need to develop some.

In this article, we take a look at three key skills every manager needs, whether you run Spray Foam Insulation UK or a taxi company.

1. Play to Strengths

If there’s one thing you can be assured that your team members all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. That shy worker who doesn’t say much is also exceptionally diligent and detailed oriented. So, be able to pick up mistakes and can be relied upon to get the work done in the time frame you set.

Another member of staff may prefer the freedom to work in a more creative environment. So, they will achieve their best work outside the office, working remotely. Whoever is in your team, get to know them and find out what you can do to encourage the style of working that gets the best from them. 

2. Encourage Growth

Both for you and your team, encourage each member to grow and accelerate along their career path to be one of the great managers. This might be by allowing them time away from your department to experience a few weeks in a different team or it might be by encouraging them to start a professional training course.

A better qualified, more confident team is great for your business. It inspires confidence among your customers and greater productivity among your staff. Don’t neglect your own career goals in the process. Build on the strengths you have and learn the skills you would like to develop.

3. Be the Best Example

Are you constantly working long hours? If you’re not taking care of yourself and working reasonable days, then chances are you’re staff are going to do the same. A burnt-out workforce is not a workforce that’s producing its best work.

Instead, demonstrate by example that your health and the health of your team is the priority. Be one to the great managers who shows loyalty and has the best interests of your team at heart, even in times of stress.

You might not have been born with all the skills needed to become a great manager. But with a little experience and dedication, you can develop them very quickly. Trust your team to get on with the jobs you pay them to do. Assign roles and tasks that play to strengths and be the leader that teaches by example.

You’re training up future leaders in both your own business and in the industry you work in. Show them the way to do it and your company is going to be in great hands, now and on into the future.

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