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How Startups and Technology Are Helping Business

The modern world has offered and continues to offer up new ways of approaching business. Some provide an opportunity to be more productive while others alleviate pressure and allow processes to be more efficient. Using technology to make life easier for staff to focus on other aspects of their roles is a positive step into the future that all companies can do and is one that is helping to breed a wide range of startups and online services. Here are some examples of how traditional methods can now be assisted by using newer practices.

Some of the most common tasks performed in every office, restaurant and shop are being revolutionised by the development of new products with the assistance of the digital landscape. To start with, let’s look at the office and how businesses are being encouraged to introduce new ways of working to improve their operations.

Forbes has published a list of five European startups that have created new ways of working for a broad range of businesses. Their first example is Typeform, a new way of conducting customer research which has seen a large boost in responses when compared to the relatively low completion rate of industry rivals who are using different methods. This is a perfect demonstration of how the development of new technology has allowed businesses to alter their practices to improve their current situation and to give them a greater understanding of their daily operations. A startup dedicated to understanding market research has taken the pressure away from individual businesses and is not only able to provide them with a service, but a service with far more background to the task.

technology startup

One of the other vital uses of the modern startup is the universal nature of the internet and digital software. Looking to the US, Fundera also has a list of startups that are working to change the way business operates, this time with a focus on small business. Products like Dialpad and Vested are taking staples of the office place such as the desk phone or recruitment and changing the way companies approach them. By providing an alternative to the way traditional business has been working, they are able to help companies focus their efforts on what makes them money rather than getting bogged down in details that they don’t specialise in.

All three of the startups mentioned so far are the epitome of the importance of cooperation and how the development of new ways of working can be vital to the success of the small business. If you have started a business, it is more than likely you have entered into a field that you have some prior knowledge to. You have a passion for fitness so you have started a gym, but as you’ll be aware that doesn’t automatically make you an expert in finance. Or, you have always dreamed of owning a restaurant or bar and have finally been able to achieve that ambition, that doesn’t mean you know all about customer engagement or web design. And that is precisely where services like Tipsy Table come in. By offering a service that provides a specialised skill these companies offer other businesses the opportunity to focus on doing what they know in order to achieve success.

The art of providing a service to a company they believe can be done in-house is not an easy one to master. But, providing assistance is one of the key attributes of startups and that is why we have discussed cooperation above. Sometimes persevering is the only way to demonstrate how useful an alternative method of processing tasks can be. If you have a startup idea or are already operational, don’t shy away from getting help or advice yourself. Campaigns like Startup Britain are providing assistance around the country and could trigger an idea for how to get the most out of your strategy.

If you have taken the time to start your business, no matter how far along you are in the process, you will know that the time and dedication you need to put into every aspect of it can be exhausting. But, now more than ever before there are so many options out there to help you succeed. Utilising free trials of services before committing to a contract will help you achieve but don’t be deterred by the fear of trusting someone else with your work.

That idea of using other agencies is something larger companies have been using for years, think of advertising groups that provide whole campaigns to major business. But with the growth of the internet, a digital revolution that has taken on a mind of its own in the past 20 years, small to medium size companies can now utilise the ideas of others to help them grow or just profit from their ability.

So, something for you to bear in mind no matter where you fall on the spectrum of business. If you consider the value of working with each other and realise what a fantastic time you are operating in, the opportunities available to you will become vast and varied. Just the startups mentioned above have specialised offers to assist with understanding your customers, improving communications, working on your finances and having a web presence. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2017, the Financial Times reported that year on year records for the number of startups in the UK are set to be broken, with over 600,000 in both 2015 and 2016.

There is a whole world of different size business out there looking to work together outside of and inside your industry. You just have to welcome the help, consider it paying it forward. By receiving help, you are not only improving your outcome but also assisting another entrepreneur or business person improve their chances which in turn will come back around to you.

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