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How Tech Keeps Your Business Out Of The Papers

How Tech Keeps Your Business Out Of The Papers

How Tech Keeps Your Business Out Of The Papers: Apichit

Business owners want to stay out of the papers when it comes to bad news stories. That saying of ‘any publicity is good publicity’ is a total sham. No one in their right mind wants to have to wash their dirty laundry out in public. Their image will be tarnished which will then take years to smooth over and you’ll develop a reputation in consumers’ minds for poor quality or performance. But how can business owners make it less likely, that they will be appearing on the front page of a financial or business newspaper? Technology will show you the way. With certain tech at your disposal, you should make the workplace safer.

Wearable technology

Devices that monitor a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and impact rate, could go a long way to helping you understand your employees and their safety needs. If you have a construction business, your employees out in the field should wear equipment that monitors their wellbeing. Thus, if they have a fall or perhaps aren’t feeling well, you can notice right away and avoid an accident or injury. 

The same goes for office staff. If you can sense they are working with a high heart rate or perhaps a low blood pressure, you can advise them to change their diet, or change how they work. The key is to use technology to monitor employee health in real-time so you can adapt to situations as they occur. But who does this? Your human resources teams should be checking these records that are digitally collected from the equipment on a daily basis. However, any abnormal readings will alert them at HQ.

Health and safety technology

If you have a business with a fleet, you will want health and safety technology embedded into each vehicle. This isn’t just for your own employees, leaving the warehouse or production facility with a full load. But, for pedestrians and the wider public too. Take, for example, Advanced driving assistance systems. These aids help your drivers stay in their lane, monitor driver behavior through the steering wheel, pedals, and abnormal movements to alert them of certain things. If the driver needs to take a nap, they will be alerted after the system absorbs information such as low pedal pressure to maintain speed, lack of steering input, veering around the road, and even customer-specific scenarios. It also has blind-spot detection, autonomous parking assistance, and speed assistance to name a few.


Virtual reality

Before you begin to implement a new training program, consider how virtual reality could help you. Workers put on a VR headset and they are transported to a world you have created specifically for your needs. They can move around and learn how to use new equipment, tools, and complete tasks. This is all done without moving off your seat. It greatly diminishes spending for training programs and cuts injuries sustained purely just from training, to zero.

Technology keeps your employees safe, your business reputation untarnished, and nothing bad for the media to report on. Start implementing such technologies to make your business better. 

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