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How To Save Energy At The Office


How To Save Energy At The Office: Image – free for commercial use

All business owners have two main aims for their company. They want to maximize profits and minimize their costs. One of the main areas where a business can save is on their energy costs. By reducing the amount of energy used, you can make your business more environmentally friendly and more cost-efficient. 

Weatherproof the office

The best way to make an office more energy efficient is to make sure it is protected against the elements. Properly sealed windows and doors keep the heat in and the cold out during the winter and the air-conditioned air in during the summer. Make sure there aren’t any gaps for the weather to get in. Fit weather stripping from a plastic extrusion manufacturer. A properly weatherproofed office is easier to keep at a comfortable temperature for working. 

Start a tea round

A tea round can actually help you to save energy. If the kettle is being used for lots of individual cups of tea and coffee, multiple times a day, then this uses more energy than using the kettle once for a large round of drinks. Try to implement a rota for each team to save energy and boost productivity, as people will need to get up less often to make drinks. 

Swap to energy-saving bulbs

Most offices rely on lightbulbs to keep things bright for working. This means you can go through a lot of lightbulbs. Swap to energy-saving bulbs as they use less power and need to be replaced less often. LED bulbs are also not as expensive as they used to be, so you won’t be spending as much to make the switch. Your savings on your energy bills will justify the initial cost. 

Fit light sensors

Office workers are not always very good at turning off lights behind them if they’re the last one to leave a room. Lights being left on everywhere can soon add up on costs, especially if they’re left on for a long time. The easiest way to prevent lights being left on is to fit motion sensors. Lights will switch on automatically when someone comes in and will turn off by themselves if they don’t sense any movement in the room. 

Go Paperless

Running a photocopier or printer uses up two resources; energy and paper. Reducing the use of both is better for the planet, as well as your budget. Go paperless, or as paperless as you can, in the office. Documents can be shared via the cloud instead of print-outs, and you can swap to digital signatures too.

Turn down the AC

Most offices think about reducing the heating bill, but don’t think much about how much it costs them to run air conditioning when the weather is hot. Dropping your AC by just one degree can save an enormous amount of energy and save you a lot of money on the air conditioning. Set a minimum or maximum temperature on your AC to take control over how much you spend on it. 

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