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How To Stop Allergies From Disrupting Your Work Day

Do you find that allergies such as pollen, pet hair, or dust are disrupting your workday? If so, you might be much less productive than you should be through no fault of your own. There are, however, plenty of ways that you can prevent these annoying allergies from being too disruptive, and whether you work at home or in an office, these tips are sure to help you out. 

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Use An Air Purifier 

There are many different kinds of air purifiers available, and whether you use highly effective full strength dental air purifiers or you use something that is made for the domestic market, as long as it works for you, then it doesn’t matter. The point is, having an air purifier in your office will help you hugely when it comes to your allergies and will assist you in being more productive. 

An air purifier with a HEPA filter will reduce or even eliminate pollen, pet hair, dust, and anything else that might be making your eyes itch and your nose run – as well as plenty of other allergy symptoms besides. As long as you change the filters regularly, this can be an ideal solution. 

HVAC Maintenance 

If you have an air conditioning unit in your home or at work, it’s crucial that it is serviced regularly. If not, then problems can occur, and it can break down or not work as well as it should, and when that happens, you might find your allergies worsen. 

If you own the HVAC unit or it’s part of your rental agreement, then it’s a simple thing to book an annual service, ideally before the summer months begin. If the unit is in your office space, then you’ll need to speak to your employer and ensure that the unit is checked over. 

More Cleaning 

Keeping your workspace as clean as possible is one of the best ways to reduce allergens and keep you healthy and productive. Dust is a big problem for many people, for example, but with regular (even daily) cleaning, it won’t be such an issue any longer. 

The more frequently you vacuum and dust, the less opportunity there is for allergens to build up in your office or around your desk, and that will help you immensely. 

Groom Your Pets 

Having pets is a wonderful thing. They can offer you companionship, they’re great for ensuring you exercise, they’re engaging and entertaining, and they teach you and other family members responsibility. These reasons and many others are why so many people have at least one pet. 

Yet pet hair can be problematic when it comes to allergies. It’s everywhere, and even if you go to work outside the home, it can be on your clothing or bag and affect you anyway. 

The best thing you can do is to groom your pet. It might seem as though this would allow more fur into the air, but if you can do it outside (weather permitting), then it’s easier to clean up and safer for you. Once you’ve groomed your pet, there will be less loose fur to fall off around the home, and your allergies should be better. 

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