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Improving Safety in Your Construction Business: A Guide

Running a construction company can be both rewarding and profitable. However, there are additional risks to consider when operating a business in this area. In particular, health and safety are a massive concern, as construction sites often involve working at height, confined spaces, and using heavy machinery. The good news is that it is possible to minimise any safety risk to your employees. Just keep reading to find out how.  

Supply and monitor the use of PPE 

After COVID the whole country knows just how important using personal protective equipment (PPE) can be. Of course, the PPE that you supply on-site will be varied and should be based on the tasks individual workers will need to carry out. 

For example, those using heavy machinery such as road jacks will usually need gloves, and ear defenders, as well as a hard hat. In many cases, protective goggles that prevent debris from getting into the eyes of the person using such devices are necessary as well. 

Of course, you can supply plenty of PPE, but if it isn’t being used correctly then it will make no difference to the safety of your employees. With that in mind, it is vital that you monitor that it is being used in the correct way, something that may require spot checks. 

Provide ample training 

In addition to supplying the PPE each worker needs to complete their job safety, it is also vital that you provide ample safety training. The good news is that the need for such instructions is well recognised within the construction industry and many specialist trainers can deliver the training and assessments for you. 

For example, to be allowed entry to work on most UK sites, employees including those registered as self-employed will need a cscs card. Happily, it is not possible to complete a cscs test online which means it’s even easier to ensure every single worker has the basic site safety knowledge to be allowed to work on-site. 

However, safety training for heavy machinery such as cherry pickers will usually be conducted at a registered test center. Something that you need to account for to ensure your employees have the training necessary to complete the tasks assigned to them safely. 

Be clear with your safety signage 

Signage is an essential part of keeping your construction firm as safe as possible. Indeed, signage is useful not only to your employees and to the general public and any visitors to the site as well. 

With that in mind, it is important that you always identify potential hazards and display relevant signage clearly. Remember signage will remind employees to take the safety measures they have learned about during their training and so help to keep your construction business as safe as possible. 

Inspect and maintain tools 

Last of all, if you want to maintain a good safety record as a construction business, then inspecting and maintaining your tools and equipment is vital. Regular checks are important here to ensure that there are no malfunctions or other issues that would prevent an item from working correctly. To the end be sure to schedule these, and make sure no item remains in circulation past its inspection date. 

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