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Improving Your Office Space

improving the office space

It’s important to have a functioning office space to help maintain work productivity and the overall efficiency of the office. So here are a few tips to improve your office space.

Keep The Reception Space Pristine

The reception is effectively the face of your company, so you want to present it in the best way possible. Invest in quality office furniture that your guests will feel comfortable and at home in. Have self-serving coffee and tea machines to add a little bit of luxury and keep the reception free of any paperwork and general mess.

Add Light & Colour

Lots of natural light and bold colours can really help with the employee’s moods, and when they’re happy, work productivity will be high. Make the most of natural light and don’t block or cover up windows. If natural light is hard to find, there are natural lights that mimic natural daylight.

When picking colours, make sure it’s on brand but they’re more vivid and brighter. Different colors will get different reactions so do a little research on the psychological side before painting your walls bright yellow.

Open Plan Where Possible

Open plan offices, give you that sense of space and freedom so keep everything open plan where possible but give those who like quiet or their own space, an alternative working environment in the form of a breakout space or individual offices. That way, you’ve got everyone’s preferences covered.

An open plan space can also help a lot with the relationships of the staff as well, so there are multiple benefits.

Fix Things Immediately

If you spot any damage or anything stops working in the office, try and fix it immediately. Guests may spot this and assume you don’t care much for the space you’re in, and employees may lack motivation for their own work. It’s ideal to have a handyman on site to assist in any jobs or a notable service that can be on call for any emergencies.

Keep The Temperature Right

The temperature of an office has a big effect because if it’s cold, your guests won’t enjoy their time with you and your employees won’t want to do any work. Be generous with the heating, especially over the winter and invest in air-conditioning if you don’t have it already. It can be a lifesaver for when the weather gets unbearable.

Bring In Nature

Adding a few plants around the office can really improve the space by adding bursts of colour and making it feel fresh and clean. Plants also clean the air so it’ll be great for the health of everyone in the company too. We all long to be outside so bringing the outdoors in, helps with that need.

If there’s room in the budget, try a flower subscription service for fresh flowers every week or two.

Taking pride in your office space can have plenty of positive benefits to the company so always review and look at ways to improve it for you, your employees and the business.

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