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Inside Job! Protecting Your Business From Internal Threats

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As getting a business just so can be a logistical nightmare, when there are so many different components involved. If there’s one that’s not functioning as well, this can cause an abundance of problems. We can really feel let down on is if we’ve hired someone that poses internal threats. This is something we don’t always consider.

We can view threats as external, and they usually consist of computer viruses, data breaches, and physical threats. But when you think about the majority of issues that occur from within the workplace, fraudulent activity ranks high on the list. This is a truth we need to come to terms with, but also find a way to handle it. What are the things we need to do?

A Comprehensive Security System

This is essential, and it’s so easy to get a CCTV system in place. From companies like Security Smark UK to numerous smaller providers that can help you with sophisticated items of security, as well as a security policy. Ultimately, you need to have a security infrastructure in place. If you think that there is someone from within your organisation committing fraudulent activities, you need to catch them in the act. But also, you need to amass enough evidence so that you can prove their fraudulence.

Implement A Monitoring System

It’s one of the best preventative measures. By monitoring your employees, with one of the many systems around, like automated systems, this will give you a time and date stamp when the employees leave and enter the workplace. This gives you very precise evidence, but also, the idea of preventing internal fraudulent activity by having a strict monitoring system is going to put people off attempting to defraud you in the first place.

Improving Your Communication

Another preventative measure, if you work at communicating the best practices to your employees, as well as the repercussions, this will prevent employees from ever attempting to defraud you. Ultimately, it’s something that needs to be taken seriously. This means that you have to be hot on dishing out the punishments as and when it’s necessary. A lot of it is in regards to the legal side of things. But if employees do not know what the HR policy is, or you’re not doing your bit to communicate these best practices, it’s important that you start to get this right.

Delegating Additional Duties

We can say this as the primary internal control. When it comes to things like documents and records, you need to split the authority among a certain group of people. It’s the equivalent of having two people with two different keys, but they both need to be turned at the same time. This is a very great way to implement an extra layer of security. But it also shows you if there are fraudulent activities permitted from deep within the business.

It’s a reality we all have to face, but internal protection is as important as the external. It’s something that we don’t always focus on because the external aspects can make us blindsided seemingly being more important. They are all as important as each other.

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