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Keeping Your Staff Healthy During The Winter

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As the temperature drops, the work atmosphere will certainly change. It can be hard to keep staff motivated when the days draw in quicker, and the darkness is there when you wake up and there when you fall asleep. So there’s definitely no need to add to your workload by having staff going off ill. Here are some ways to keep your staff healthy during the winter.

Whack The Temperature Up

The weather is going to be freezing cold outside, so there’s really nothing like walking into a toasty office as that blast of warm air hits you on arrival. To keep your office warm, you want to ensure that the windows are kept closed and that you get some industrial air conditioning installers put in to churn out that extra heat when the radiators are only providing you with so much warmth. Keeping the office warm will keep your staff happy and working away. There’s nothing worse than a cold office where it feels impossible to work. So start turning up the temperature where you can in order to take the chill off the room.  

Encourage Warmer Clothing In The Office

As an organization, you are likely to have certain requirements when it comes to uniform and workwear. However, as it gets colder, it’s important to encourage staff to take care of themselves and to ensure they have everything they need in order to keep themselves warm. You might want to relax some of the workwear or to give some new options in order to keep people feeling fit and healthy and less likely to catch a cold. The warmth from the radiators will only do so much, it’s important that your staff are treating their desk space as their own area to keep warm in. So if they want to bring a hot water bottle and fluffy slippers when they’re not in meetings or seeing clients, then why not?

Provide Blankets

Blankets are fairly affordable to buy in bulk, and it can be something you keep a basket in the corner of each working floor. That way, people can collect a blanket when they need it and then pop it back at the end of the week. Ensure that staff know to look after these soft furnishings and it might be worth setting some rules, about any damage that is liable on them if they spill anything or ruin them. It’s a small touch, but it can make a big difference to those who get cold easily.

Have A Fruit Basket Every Week

A fruit basket is definitely something that you might want to consider to encourage more healthy eating during the working week. A fruit basket delivered at the start of the week can provide some healthy snacks for your staff to enjoy. Giving them these will hopefully give them the incentive to eat more healthily.

Do what you can to keep your staff happy and healthy throughout these cold months. That way, the workplace remains more productive because they’ll be in for most of the time.

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