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Office Relocation Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

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A successful venture will experience many exciting times during expansion. While growing your business, you will surely encounter office relocation mistakes or two. Moving premises is a rewarding process, allowing your business to achieve greater success. Nonetheless, it isn’t without its difficulties. Whether you move across town or around the world, moving offices is a logistical nightmare, especially when errors are made. With that in mind, here are six mistakes to avoid. 

Office Relocation Mistakes #1: Skipping The Planning Stage

The complexity of relocation makes a precise plan crucial. When you underestimate the time and effort it takes to move business premises, you increase the risk of additional mistakes being made. For this reason, you must make a plan well in advance. Start by writing a checklist of every moving task you must complete. With that list, you can then implement a moving timeline. 

Office Relocation Mistakes #2: Having No Budget Constraints

An operation as large as a relocation will always have high costs. For this reason, you must prepare for everyone by planning a moving budget. Without budget constraints, you are likely to overspend, which could put your entire business at risk. Make sure you consider every expense and build an emergency fund to cover any unexpected costs that might occur during the move.

Office Relocation Mistakes # 3: Leading The Move Yourself

Commercial property is a huge investment, whether you intend to buy or rent. When investing in property, it’s vital that you have commercial conveyancing solicitors by your side. This expert support will help to ensure that no mistakes are made. Along with solicitors, you should assign a project manager and hire movers for your relocation. Doing so will take the pressure off you. 

Office Relocation Mistakes # 4: Forgetting To Inform Clients

Moving the location of your office affects people outside the business, as well as your employees. Customers and suppliers need informing of your impending move in advance. This is to make clear that you are still in business. An easy way to share this information is by updating your company website. You can post on social media and stick notices in windows too.

Office Relocation Mistakes # 5: Packing The Wrong Way

Large boxes can store plenty of things, but they aren’t the best at transporting them. Everyone makes the same mistakes when it comes to packing, from using the biggest boxes to forgetting to write out labels. Rather than risk bottoms falling out and essentials being lost, you should hire a packing service. Using a professional will not only save time but could prevent costly errors. 

Office Relocation Mistakes # 6: Trying To Move Everything 

Before you begin packing, you must have a clear out. Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, you could have cupboards and storerooms filled with unwanted clutter. Attempting to move that rubbish will only make your move harder, as well as more expensive. For this reason, you should take advantage of the opportunity to declutter your office and get rid of any junk. 

An office relocation is definitely a complex task. Without time and expert help, you’re likely to make very serious and expensive errors. Hopefully, with the advice above, you can avoid such trouble and conduct a successful move. 

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