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Successful Job Hunting in the 21st Century

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Before the Internet was invented, job adverts were placed in newspapers and job centres. Candidates responded to them by letter or phone and then went through an interview if the prospective employer liked the sound of them. This has all changed now and job hunting is as much about marketing yourself as anything else.


Websites are a favourite place for employers to look when they are seeking new employees. They are a chance for you to show samples of past work you have completed, to let possible employers know about your skills, and a good web design can make you stand out from the other candidates. The more professional it looks, the better it will reflect on you.

You should include a blog on it and a list of previous jobs, as this will show anyone taking a look that you are a capable writer, and that you have the initiative to put together so much information about yourself. Next time you see a job you like the look of, you can just direct the employer to your personal website.

Social Media

It is quite normal for employers to check out the social media pages of people they are considering offering a job to.  Make sure that everything on all your social media platforms is positive. On LinkedIn, you can get previous work colleagues and employers to give you references, and as with most of them can look for vacancies as well.

You should also use social media platforms to let people know you are available and looking for work. Of course, some businesses may use automation tools on platforms like LinkedIn (which you can learn more about over on Increditools.com) to help them find your profile but, as long as they are finding it and seeing you, something will eventually come from your efforts.

Have More Than One CV Prepared Electronically

These days, it is unlikely that a CV on paper will even get looked at. Job applications are sent by email, or by completing an online form. You should attach your CV to whichever way you are applying, but it should be specific for your skills that fit the job.

You should have several prepared to suit different types of jobs you might apply for, and as these are done electronically, they are easy to change to suit each job application you make.

Expand Your Search

There are lots of sites online where you can look for positions as a job seeker, but you need to widen your search. Go to some of the websites of companies in your trade or profession, they often show open positions. Attend trade shows or industry events and get to meet some of the people that have these businesses. Let them know you are looking for work, and leave then your details. Reading the newspaper for job adverts may seem an out of date way of find work, but there are still companies that advertise vacancies in this way and you should not dismiss it as old hat.

You should also let all your friends and past work mates that you are looking for work, as they could well hear of an opportunity that would suit you.

Finding work in today’s climate is not easy and you need to use every one of your skills to your advantage, and search in every place you can think of.

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