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Taking Care Of Your Employees’ Mental Health

As a modern business leader, you will know that the workplace is about more than just making sales and increasing revenue. While that is the core purpose of business, the human side of your company is just as important as the financial one. Without the brilliant minds and determination of the people in your team, you could never achieve the corporate goals you have set for your company.

When it comes to employee wellbeing, the conversation has never been more active. Businesses around the world are doing all they can to support their employees better at work – and if you are looking to do the same, here is your definitive guide.

1-Invest In Mental Health First Aid Training

One simple way to improve wellbeing across your company is to invest in mental health first aid training. This doesn’t need to be provided to every single employee, but a select few, such as HR representatives, who can, in turn, support others in the workplace.

What is mental health first aid? Think of it like a crash-course in spotting symptoms of mental health issues, approaching the subject sensitively, and helping someone get further support such as therapy or medication. There are online mental health first aid courses that can be easily accessed to any staff who you think would suit this role.  

2-Provide Opportunities For Employees To Improve Their Overall Wellbeing

Your employees’ wellbeing is their own to invest in. As an employer, it is important to provide the infrastructure that can aid and support that self-investment and self care. Here are just a few ways you can provide this infrastructure for your cherished colleagues.

  • Gym memberships or exercise class coupons. This is a commonly offered perk, and is invaluable to the experience of a person who wishes to maintain their own wellbeing. 
  • Yoga classes and meditation. This could be conducted in-house, or provided as coupons similarly to the gym membership option. Yoga and meditation are positive for both the physical and mental health, helping people feel less anxiety overall.
  • Mentorship. As a business leader, providing mentorship to those wishing to progress in their career is great for overall wellbeing. 

3-Encourage Work-Life Balance

As a boss, your job is to cultivate an environment at work that is respectful and healthy all-round. This means encouraging work-life balance, rather than being a tyrannical leader who expects everyone to drop their personal lives for work. This old-school approach is being, thankfully, phased out in corporate life. Replacing it is an expectation that employees work hard and are dedicated, coupled with an understanding that family and personal lives are equally important.

Encouraging work-life balance means paying attention to the wellbeing of employees, and giving them time off, breaks and more support if they need it. This requires an investment of time, energy and money, but is worth it in order to unite your company and retain talented employees who are worth this investment!

Overall, mental health is a subject that requires research and sensitivity. Use this guide to help you take care of your employees’ mental health.

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