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Telltale Signs You’ve Hired The Right Person

Hiring new recruits for your business can be one of the most daunting experiences of running a business. You need to find people who not only have the skills you want, but also slot into your existing operations without too much friction. Finding that perfect combination can be tricky. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend weeks fretting. Just take a look at these telltale signs that you’ve found the right person for your enterprise. 

They Constantly Provide Fresh Ideas

One sign that you’ve found the right person is that they continually bring fresh ideas to the table. They continually challenge your assumptions and open you up to new possibilities. 

This feature is critical for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, it shows that your team is still diverse. Many companies get into a bad habit of hiring the same type of person over and over. And when they do, they tend to lack innovative ideas and thinking. 

Fresh ideas are also critical for getting the most out of the rest of your employees. New recruits can bounce ideas off existing employees and introduce them to new ways of thinking. 

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The Interview Feels Instinctively Good

Forget what’s written down on paper, if the interview feels good then that too is a great sign that something is right about the candidate. Often, you’re not able to put your finger on what it is that they do right. But you came away with a good feeling that made you think that they were a great match for your company.

In these cases, it is often a good idea to trust your instincts. The processing power of your unconscious is generally much greater than that of your conscious mind. So tapping into it for business decisions can pay dividends in the long-run.

You’ll often find that the positive vibes you get from somebody continue well after the interview, once they finally start work with you. That too is a good sign. 

They’re Enthusiastic

While having qualifications and experience is great, what you really want in business is somebody who is enthusiastic and passionate about the work that they do. This way, they’re not just there for the money; they also want a job that makes them feel fulfilled and passionate. 

You often find these types of people when you go through sales recruitment channels. Specific types of highly enthusiastic people tend to be drawn to particular positions. But even if you are trying to fill drier roles, keep your eyes peeled for genuine enthusiasm and commitment. Listen carefully to the things that people say and take notice. 

They’re Honest About Their Flaws 

No matter how smart you are, nobody can perform every function and role in a company all by themselves. It’s just not possible. Modern business is too complicated and unpredictable.

However, some employees will try to make it appear as though they are infinitely capable, and that’s a problem. Usually, when people try to overcompensate, it means that they are hiding their faults. What’s more, they don’t make their weaknesses available to the rest of the team, so others can’t support them. 

The best employees are those who know their limitations and what they can and cannot do. They don’t just take on tasks because you’ve asked them to do it. Instead, they recommend who would be most suited for the job. This way, they actually protect your brand from shoddy work. 

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They Have In-Depth Knowledge About Their Role

While some learning can happen on the job, the best employees are those who already have deep experience of their role. In many cases, you’ll find people who are a culture fit, but who don’t seem to have the skills you need, and vice versa. 

You can usually tell whether a candidate is suitable for a role at the interview. Those with the right knowledge will be able to talk confidently about the job and how they would solve problems. 

You’re not just testing their knowledge of hard facts, either. Instead, you’ll find out whether they can solve problems on the fly, using their mind’s reasoning capabilities. 

They Have High Self-Worth

Lastly, people you hire to your team should have high self-worth. These people don’t just go through the motions of waking up, going to work, and repeating the cycle. Instead, they have aspirations to become the best possible versions of themselves as they can. High self-worth people tend to challenge themselves regularly and push their performance to the limit. And that can really help businesses. 

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