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Ten Things You Need For Great Office Organisation

One of the hardest things for any management team to do is keep an office full of people organised. It’s not that the people and all their desks take up a lot of space, but it’s the filing cabinets and paperwork, the stationery and technology – it all needs a place to live and you have to be as organised as possible for that to occur. The problem is that you may not think that you have the time for office organisation.

Rearranging the clutter in the office and moving piles doesn’t count as organisation. Cleaning off your desk doesn’t count, either, neither does moving it all into a drawer and locking it. A neat and orderly space makes it easier to be more productive and ensure that your business has less time wasted, and you need as many tips and tricks as possible to help you to get there. It doesn’t have to take days to organise your office, and it is so much easier to maintain it if you have organisation in the first place. This should be an ongoing project and if you’re ready to get going, let’s look at ten things that you need for great organisation in your space.

Go digital with your paperwork.

When you invest in the right document management software, you can collate and manage all of your office paperwork in one place and without any of the mess of the filing cabinets. When you choose to go digital with your paperwork, you’re going to find it far easier to keep everything organised in the office space. 

Purge and declutter.

The entire office needs to be decluttered, emptied, shredded and more. Get everything of everything that you no longer want or need and stop keeping hold of things that you haven’t used for six months. Take one area of the office at a time and declutter everything down. Don’t forget your plants, knick knacks and more – it’s not just paperwork. You can even declutter the desks and the furniture if you want to get better organised. 

Tidy it away.

Whatever is out of place in the office, get it put in the right place and tidy up. Gather every single item and put it where it’s supposed to be, and when you put it all in the right place, you can ensure that you keep your office tidier than it was before. Tidying up isn’t a lost art, and you shouldn’t just wait for the office cleaners to come in and put things away. It’s vital that you think about doing an end of the day tidy up every single day because the more you make this your routine, the better. 

Image source: Pexels

Establish zones in your workplace.

You have to be organised in your office in your daily work, and that means establishing what happens in each working area. You need a place you work, a place you have meetings, a place you have storage – it all matters and you need to make sure that the workplace is divided properly. Every single employee should be versed on these zones, too, so that you can ensure that everyone is using the office space effectively. This way, everyone can be far more productive and this makes your office an efficient space to be. 

Arrange everything to be in easy reach.

Proximity matters when it comes to your office. If things are in easy reach, you don’t waste time moving between technology or desks or storage. If there are things that you rarely use, store those away and keep everything else that you do use in easy reach.

Label everything.

Choose a great label maker and make sure that you label everything. Not only will you know where everything goes properly, it will help others to know where everything is, too. This will keep things more organised than they have been in a while and you can buy the right labelling equipment, too. Take the time to go through and do it all and then train everyone else on the new systems and the new locations for things in the office.

Check out your filing system and redo it.

Some filing systems need a do-over, and you can invest in a great online document management system for your paperwork. Your digital needs will increase as your business increases. You won’t have to worry about your filing system if you move it online, and you can ensure that your systems are working for you properly if you have the whole office involved in the management.

Image source: Pexels

Get rid of everything off of your desks.

Remove everything from the surfaces in the office and then only put back the things that you use every single day. If you have trouble decluttering things, using the help of Marie Kondo and other decluttering programs is a good place to start. You should be smart about your desks as a clear desk makes for a clear mind. 

Organise the kitchen space.

Your office kitchen is going to be somewhere that people head for snacks, drinks and meals, and you need to ensure that the space is going to work for you. organise the kitchen to be practical and with everything in easy reach. Keep only what you need and ensure that your space is stocked and ready for people. The office is a far more productive place if everyone is contributing to keeping it tidy, too.

Make up separate inboxes in your email

You can be organised when you have more than one inbox in your emails. For junk, specific senders and more, you need to have individual in-trays for all so that all of your emails come through to the right places from the outset. 

Organisation isn’t easy to do when you are used to being in a disorganised space, but once you get used to the new routines, you’ll find that it’s far easier to streamline your workspace. Your office is your place of work and routines matter, too!

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