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Thinking Green Within Your Startup

thinking green

Thinking green is about thinking of the environment. It’s about taking steps within your startup to run a more sustainable business. And if you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for all things green, you might also run a business that is designed to help save the planet.

Thinking green will be advantageous to you. Running a sustainable business is a useful way of cutting costs. Many of your customers will be eco-minded, and they will be more likely to choose your business over your competitor if you operate within green principles. And, as we said, you will help to save the planet, and that’s great news for your kids and all generations to come.

Thinking green is a no-brainer, so make it a priority.

thinking green

Green business ideas

If you are looking for a green business idea, then we have some ideas for you. As examples, consider the following.

Start a recycling firm. From paper and cardboard waste to metal collection, your business could collect any recyclable materials from your consumers, and you can then sell them on to any company that can recycle the waste into something useable.

Write a green blog. If you have a way with words and have an interest in making money from blogging, then base it around green issues. You can talk about topics that raise awareness about the environment and monetise your blog with affiliate links or advertising for green products.

Start a green cleaning service. Store-bought cleaning products aren’t always eco-friendly, but if you are interested in starting a cleaning service for homes or business, you can advertise your green credentials. By using natural ingredients in your cleaning, you will fill a niche that many other cleaning firms don’t touch upon.

Become a green business consultant. We will be looking at how a business can go green in a moment, but if you are already eco-minded, you can be the person that businesses call upon to help them put green measures in place.

Implementing greener measures in your business

No matter what kind of business you run, there are simple ways to go green.

Make it part of your company culture. Make it a habit to turn off equipment that isn’t in use, limit paper use, and make recycling a priority. Teach your employees to do the same, and work with them in coming up with other green initiatives.

Work with green suppliers. When looking to buy such things as paper, ink cartridges, and industrial materials, research your suppliers and opt for those who follow sustainable practices. Many of them will broadcast their eco-friendliness on their websites, but it’s still worth asking them the important questions when you’re weighing up your options.

Replace anything that isn’t energy-efficient. If you’re working with older computers, photocopiers, and other technologies, they may be draining your electricity. Replace them with their Energy Star alternatives (look for the logo when you’re shopping), and you will do your bit to save the world while saving yourself some money in the long-run. Replace your light bulbs too, opting for energy-efficient LED bulbs instead of the incandescent variety.


Going green should no longer be an option. Our world is in a mess, so whether you start a green business or implement greener measures, you will be doing your bit to put things right. And as we said, it will also benefit your business, as many customers are keen to do their bit for the environment too. By thinking green, everybody wins!

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