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What Do Engineering Consultants Do?

What Do Engineering Consultants Do

It can seem like in every industry, there are consultants, and the engineering industry is no different. 

Consultants – regardless of industry – have a few things in common. 

  • They are experts in what they do
  • A consultant or consulting firm will have extensive experience
  • Consultants work with facts and data
  • They offer solutions that meet the needs of clients

Looking more specifically at engineering consultants, FEA Consultants and similar, here are just some of what they cover. 

What is an engineering consultant? 

An engineering consultant is primarily responsible for working on short-term projects for a variety of customers. An engineering consultant or consultancy firm will be hired to advise and manage a specific project rather than working in-house for a corporation. 

When the project is completed, the consultant goes on to the next customer and project. The project will range in size and in requirements. 

The majority of engineering consultants work for engineering firms that specialise in selling themselves as specialists on short-term projects.

What industries do engineer consultants work in?

Engineer consultants can work in a wide range of different industries. Their practical skill base is classed as highly-transferable. Here are just a few of the sectors that engineering consultants may work within: 

  • Motorsports
  • Robotics
  • Automation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Marine
  • Instruarial
  • Scientific
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Research and development 

Engineering consultants may also specialise in stress testing various materials. 

What is the engineering consultant skillset?

If you wish to explore this career path, or perhaps you are looking for an engineering consultant for your project, here are just a couple of the skills you will see. 


It is the role of the consultant to be deeply interested in the details of the project. Analytically an engineering consultant will offer a high level of services and understand that the most minor details and mathematical factors matter. 


Engineering consultants are highly experienced individuals with a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge that can be applied to multiple different project types. They will deal with a wide variety of projects, so you must be adaptive and able to apply your practical engineering skills in a variety of ways.


Since often the safety of others is at stake with many engineering projects, consultants in this industry are clear and communicative. This also means that they are adept at keeping projects running on time, highlighting potential issues and ensuring their clients are happy at all times. 


As part of the task, an engineering consultant will undertake much of the extensive planning. They will create project plans that cover task mapping, outcomes, quality control, and risk assessments. Team leading might be required, in which case the engineering consultant will also work with teams made up of a range of people within the client company. 

An engineering consultant will also be up to date with all of the current regulations, certifications, materials that are being outdated, health and safety laws and more. 

In many respects, the key traits and skills are similar to that o a Construction Project Manage 3 Key Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager – CommonWisdom – London

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