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What’s Stopping You From Starting Your Business?

starting your own business

If you want to start a business, you’re going to need a few things on hand: you’re going to need the commitment, you’re going to need the resources, and you’re going to need the connections. These three things add up to a perfect startup mix, and one you’ve been trying to whip together for a while now!

But if you’ve got one or two of these things on hand, and you don’t have the recipe for success right at your fingertips, what do you do? Well, you hold off on the business plans for now, of course. But how long do you hold back? Do you give up completely? Ultimately, what is it that’s stopping you from starting up the company you’ve wanted to establish for a long time now? Let’s think about that below.


A Lack of Confidence?

So maybe you don’t have all the ingredients in the bag right now – what are you going to do about that fact? You can wait for them to fall into place neatly, as you’ve been doing so for a few months now; you’ve laid out some good foundations for the company you want to start and you’re sure the rest will naturally follow.

But at the same time, you could go out there and make a few things happen off of your own back. And to do that, you’re going to need confidence, which you probably feel a lack of right now. Remember, you’ve got a good idea for a product or a service, you know there’s a gap in the market (you’ve done your research!), and you can take some time to put a lovely little sales pitch altogether. Then you book yourself into some networking events, you can send off some confident and hearty emails to enquire after the resources you’re missing, and then you’ll feel your confidence grow and grow all at the same time!

A Lack of Investment Opportunities?

Investors are the big players in the business world. The more investors you have in a business, the more shareholders you’ve got to rub along with, and that means more money and more interest in the success of the company you’ve got on hand. These are the people who will hand you the necessary startup funds, and will help to keep you out of trouble should the economy ever dip and fray. But where do you find these kinds of opportunities?

From all over the market! If you’re only ever looking in one place for investors, you’re going to turn up short. You need to scout out business schools, turn to the internet and sources like Business Investment, or you could even crowdfund the product you want to sell (and there’s a lot of startup targeted platforms out there) because you know others will believe in it too.

Your business could be just within your grasp, but something’s stopping you from fully reaching for it. Know what that obstacle is, and make sure you can remove it.

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