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10 Books You Have to Read Now to Understand the Future of Technology

This article offers ten books for those who want to prepare themselves for the changes the future will bring.

We’re at a historical turning point.

Nothing in the future will be like the past. We have mentioned this in the article titled Find Out Why Good Future Projections Sound Absurd

The future will be immeasurably different. Firstly our business lives, then personal lives, our emotional worlds, friendships, relationships to art and sports and basically everything will be affected.

For the last year I’ve been reading and listening to every resource I could find, and talk to people informed on this topic. My amazement that the future will be greatly different increases as I explore!

The future will be complicated.

All these ideas should concern you closely if you plan to work and live in this world in the following years.

Here are some of the most correct, influential ideas that change one’s point of view:

In his book Zero to One, Peter Thiel says that the most successful start-ups and enterprises are those that can build up a monopoly.

Taylor Pearson, in The End of Jobs, writes that we are at the end of the 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. system and we can manage our time in a much different way.

Adam Grant writes Originals about how the new brands and companies that enter our lived (primarily Facebook, Google, Microsoft) create original ideas and can continue creativity.

Superintelligence, on the other hand, is a whole other book. There is a dangerous side to the artificial intelligence revolution. It is highly likely that the jumps in the field of artificial intelligence will change our lives. Maybe these changes will be much different than what we expect. It is a very visioning book. (It’s also one of the books Elon Musk and Bill Gates suggest!)

The Seventh Sense tells about our need people who understand how the world works in this digital “network age” knitted with social media and who have the 7th sense. According to the writer Joshua Cooper Ramo the future belongs to these people.

Kevin Kelly in The Inevitable tells of 12 unavoidable trends that will shape our future.

You can find below ten eye-opening books that will help you read the future correctly.

Don’t think that you won’t be able to finish all of the books; you will see the fun in trying to understand the future that awaits us. The strongest entrepreneurs, the best employees, the happiest people of the future years will be those who understand these trends and the new world.

The time you’ll spend on these books might be the most useful self-investment you do in recent years.

Viral Loop, Adam, L. Penenberg

The End of Jobs, Taylor Pearson

Zero to One, Peter Thiel

The Long Tail, Chris Anderson

Originals, Adam Grant

Platform Revolution, Geoffrey Parker

Superintelligence, Nick Bostrom

The Inevitable, Kevin Kelly

The Seventh Sense, Joshua Cooper Ramo

The Sharing Economy, Arun Sundararajan

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