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3 Challenges Managers Face and How to Overcome Them

Workplace management requires emotional and mental intelligence. As UK managerial roles increase (recorded 7.7% in 2 years), it is fair to consider their challenges and address them effectively. That said, here are three challenges managers face in the workplace. 

Managing conflicts within your team

Every manager wants their team to grow and achieve success. However, it’s not always a smooth journey, as conflicts are inevitable. Team conflict can spread beyond the original parties involved and inadvertently affect other members. While the temptation to overlook it in hopes of it resolving on its own is pretty alluring, it is not a wise route to take. 

This critical issue requires you to take the bull by the horns. It’s prudent to address it quickly to reduce its devastating effects on your team.  Without a doubt, unresolved conflicts stifle productivity and permeate the entire fabric of teamwork, which is not a situation you want to be responsible for. Therefore, it’s best to take measured steps to understand the core problem before tackling the issue. Listen to all sides without bias and set reasonable timelines to disarm the proverbial ticking bomb.

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The burden of not having enough requisite skills for the role

Usually, this is an internal struggle that most managers are unwilling to disclose to colleagues or their employers. Admittedly, learning new skills requires you to leave your comfort zone. However, what many fail to realise is that self-development is the stepping stone to self-accomplishment. For example, it was recently discovered that not many managers have a strong background in sales management. 

Usually, most managers are well-versed in business development, client management, planning, and strategic thinking. If you happen to identify with this, you stand to benefit more by taking a sales management training course. With this background, you can have a more commercial awareness of business and how that influences operations.

Losing a high-potential employee

From all angles, this is unwelcome news for any manager who has had the opportunity to work with star employees. In every company, star employees are reliable human conduits who run with ideas and achieve success regardless of what is thrown at them. These are a group of people naturally gifted to propel business productivity. With all these and more desirable qualities, it is depressing to let them go.

A manager will then be burdened with filling the vacant role with another person with the same enthusiasm or better. First of all, you want to avoid finding out that your star performers leave or resign from their roles due to job dissatisfaction. However, you can appeal on their behalf for better remuneration if you are in this situation. On the other hand, if their move is purely to follow better opportunities elsewhere, you cannot contend with their aspirations. 

Indeed, the managerial role is a complex one, but what you make of it will determine how far you can go. Therefore, you can consider these challenges and solutions to make your managerial role less challenging. 

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