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3 Key Leadership Responsibilities

3 Key Leadership Responsibilities: Image Pixabay – Pixabay License 

When you lead a team, it is your duty to direct, motivate, protect and inspire them. A good boss should always strive to be a leader. You also should instil your team with a sense of confidence and loyalty. To be considered strong leaders; we do need to undertake these 3 key leadership responsibilities in order to steer our teams in the right direction.

Train and support your team 

One of your main priorities should be training and supporting your team. This is important. So, that they can deliver an excellent job for you and also to help them to feel confident and effective in their roles. 

Set up induction training for all new starters. In this way, they receive an introduction to the business and an understanding of the part that they will play in its success. They will then need specific training in order to carry out their roles. Also, of course everyone requires ongoing training whenever new initiatives and products launch. 

Along with delivering training, you will want to coach your team regularly. This is especially important for those new starters to follow up on their learning and ensure that they are comfortable using it in the workplace. Do carry this out with everyone, though, no matter their level of experience. It is an opportunity for you to help them to do things differently if they need to or to let them know how brilliantly they are doing. 

Tick all the right boxes

An important aspect of people management is ticking all the right boxes regarding compliance, regulations and safety. You need to ensure that your company and your people are protected.

Take the time to ensure that you are meeting all of the current requirements listed for your business. Additionally, ensure that you carry our regular risk assessments. So that you can be confident that everyone is working in a safe environment

You could get expert guidance and use consultancy firms, such as Scott Robert, to ensure your compliance meets all regulations. If you want, you might opt to invite trainers in to help you to feel comfortable that everyone is meeting any requirements. 

Direct, appreciate and celebrate

As a leader it is your responsibility to give your team direction. They need to understand what is expected of them, both as individuals and as a team, and the part that they play in the bigger picture.

Offer your team structure and routines so that they feel comfortable in their working environment each day and fill them in on what is happening daily so that they know what to expect. Let them know about any targets that you are striving for and get them involved in working out how you will achieve them.

It is crucial that you make the time to show your appreciation of people’s hard work and their efforts. Thank people regularly for a job well done and ensure that they know that you have noticed how well they are doing.

When you do meet those targets, when a staff member does hit their own objectives, or when you have just had a good working day, celebrate with your team

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