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3 Key Responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager

Having a successful construction project involves many moving parts, including having the right personnel for the job. Construction Project Management is a critical part of any building project, and its market size is expected to grow by 0.4% before the end of the year. The construction project manager leads the project and is responsible for all aspects of the building process right up to completion. This article outlines some essential duties required in this role and how they contribute to the overall success of construction projects.

Stay within the construction budget

The ability to stay within set budgets when you’re responsible for a construction project is essential. The key to getting this right lies in how well you can estimate construction project costs. Thankfully, technological advancement makes available a wide range of software to calculate such projected costs. Moreover, having a construction project manager on board with oversight responsibilities guides your crew in staying within the planned budget.

Failing to do this means spending more than initially planned to complete the building project. Besides risking your business’ reputation, you stand a chance of spending more on unnecessary costs. Sometimes, not being able to stay within budget is due to external factors. For example, when a project is delayed for years, it’s expected that the cost of building materials will increase. Secondly, during a natural disaster such as a hurricane, there’s no choice but to replace materials, which automatically widens the budget. Therefore, having a construction project manager is vital to help plan for such situations.

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Oversee initial construction designs

Before a building is erected on land, it’s first designed from the ground up with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) Software. A construction project manager is responsible for ensuring that those designs become actual structures in the real world. As such, it’s crucial to have some knowledge in using or interpreting CAD.

Construction Project Managers don’t necessarily need to understand CAD software as broadly as an engineer or architect. However, some background knowledge is a plus, giving the construction firm an upper hand in the industry. Even though others may opt for CAD design services, understanding how the software works provide first-hand knowledge for the business and positions the project for success. 

Draft contracts

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Drafting contracts is another significant role the construction project manager (CPM) plays. For instance, they draft the agreement between the builder and owner. In addition to that, the CPM also prepares contracts with other parties such as building material suppliers, architects, sub-contractors, and third-party entities involved with the project. 

The draft contracts state what’s expected of each party, and that includes financial agreements. The essence of all these draft contracts is necessary for future auditing records and reviews in connection with the project. Moreover, there’s so much more the CPM is responsible for right from building commencement to completion. The construction project manager is a vital addition to the building crew, and they make a significant impact on the set goals and tasks. 

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