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3 Signs You’re Ready To Upgrade From Sole Trader to Business Owner

3 Signs You’re Ready To Upgrade From Sole Trader to Business Owner

There are so many sole traders out there trying to keep afloat and for all those reading this, this is the perfect opportunity for you to understand what you are made of. When you are running your own business as a self-employed person, you will fly by the seat of your pants and experience a lot of success and failure. But in order to transcend to the next level, you’ve got to know when you are ready to make the upgrade. So how do you know when you are ready to go from being a sole trader to a fully-fledged business? 

When You Have a Grip on Your Accounting

The fact is the difference between sole traders and limited companies covers a lot of ground, but if you want to turn your practice into a fully-fledged business, you’ve got to make the key upgrades in how you deal with your expenses, assets, income, and taxes. A business involves a lot more in terms of financial rules and regulations, which is why if you do not feel you would be able to cope with this, getting all of your ducks in a row and hiring financial specialists like an accountant will ensure you don’t have to worry about this. But before you get to this point, you’ve got to make sure you are more methodical in your money matters. 

You Have Been Trading for a Certain Amount of Time

Trading for a few years isn’t just the perfect way for you to understand the peaks and troughs with regards to winning customers and retaining them, but ensuring you are trading for a few years gives you the opportunity to understand the big mistakes you have made and overcome them. Allowing yourself a certain amount of time gives you the opportunity to make sure big mistakes don’t happen again and helps you to become more accustomed to the life of running a fully-fledged business entity. 

Your Mindset Is Ready

Finally, ensuring that you are ready to make the leap from sole trader to business is about ensuring that, combined with the administrative and professional processes, you have the mindset to deal with running a business. Because working as a sole trader can mean a lot fewer regulations and, therefore, inhibitions. As a sole trader, you may just need to complete a tax return with very minimal knowledge of the ins and outs of accountancy but running a business means you are taking a step into a larger world. Therefore, you need to have the mindset ready to deal with these potential mishaps that could occur. But also when you start to make these upgrades, you are invariably going to have more to deal with, from hiring employees to firefighting problems. This is why the essentials when you are starting a business will serve you in good stead at the outset, but there is a point where you have to utilise all the skills learned and put them into proper practice. 

Making that upgrade is not easy, but it is one of the most fulfilling journeys self-employed professionals make.

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