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3 Ways to Leverage Your Life Experience to Create a Successful Small Business

Successful Small Business

Here are some tips on how to leverage your life experience to create a successful small business.

Identify a business model and career path that will play to your existing strengths and character traits

People can change their strengths and character traits over time, but it takes real time and work to do so.

When aiming to start up your own business, your best bet will be to identify a business model that plays to your existing strengths and character traits.

If, for example, you’re a military veteran, seeking out business loans for veterans and starting a company where your discipline and systematic approach will be most valuable is a great idea.

If, on the other hand, you’re a bit more abstract but are very charismatic and artistic, becoming a freelance graphic designer with a YouTube presence might be the ticket.

Successful Small Business

Image via Pixabay

Find the points where your skills and interests meet

It’s all very well to choose a field which you already have some experience in, when starting up your business. In fact, it’s generally an excellent idea.

But it’s also important that you have some genuine interest and enthusiasm for what you’re doing.

Make a list of your interests, and make a list of your skills, then see how you might combine the two into one business model. Perhaps you love writing and have experience in business. So, you could start by setting yourself up as a freelance business copywriter.

Take steps to try and incorporate any clout that you might have developed in other areas of life

Startups are in a difficult position, in that they’re essentially “blank slate” operations. The problem with that, is that prospective clients generally look for signs of trustworthiness, authenticity, and pre-approval, before committing to making a purchase or hiring you.

As your business progresses over time, you’ll accomplish this in large part through testimonials and work samples.

At the beginning though, you can get a massive head start by incorporating any “clout” you might have developed in other areas of your life.

Mention your previous professional achievements, your educational achievements, compelling life moments, and so on.


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