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4 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Way More Employable

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We all want to be the best possible version of ourselves and be more employable. Whilst we know it’s not possible to be perfect at anything, we all aspire to reach as close to perfection as we can. Sure, sometimes when we’re faced with a task that isn’t exactly the most desirable, our standards tend to slip, but that’s only natural. When it comes to bettering ourselves, however, we all would like the pinnacle. When we have something we really want dangling in front of our very eyes, this is when we turn it up and notch and our cravings maximize. 

Let’s say that the opportunity for a job you seriously want has just surfaced and want to be first on the list of potential interviews. Are you going to be? Well, if you don’t think you aren’t quite at that stage yet and want to become a more attractive-looking potential employee and more employable, let’s go through a bunch of ways you can up your curb appeal.    

Organize Yourself To Be More Employable

If you’ve got everything in your life coming at you at one-hundred miles an hour, then it’s probably because you have got a set way of doing things. Okay, some people have problems left, right and centre, and no form of organization can stave off the workload, but most can take on issues with a little arranging. When you have an organized and sorted life, you’ll often find yourself being ready to take on any challenge, and this would show in a potential interview. 

Take A Course 

If you want to impress potential bosses, then you’ll want them to see how knowledgeable and experienced you are in the said field. They’ll want proof from you – you can’t just hope they’ll call you back for an interview and do you talking there. When you have a certificate, a merit, a degree or anything like that to your name, you’re way more important. For example, if you’re looking to get into the construction industry or something like that, then perhaps you’ll want to have a Property Development Course attached to your name. When you’ve dedicated work and time to something, employers take notice.  

Dress To Impress

Looking the part makes a big difference, too. First impressions are important and, even though you may be the perfect candidate, if they don’t like the look of you, then you might be palmed away. A fresh, clean and neat looking person gives off a feeling of certainty, confidence and assurance. Try to display a professional and together figure.  

Fix Up Your Resume to Be More Employable

Finally, the way in which your resume looks is vital. It could have some excellent points and appropriate things on there, but if it’s a mess, then it could quite literally be chucked into the trash upon first glance. People can be ruthless like that. It’s a similar idea to the clothes you wear – if you have a neater, clearer, more organized look to it, then it gives off a better overall feel. Just imagine you’re going through potential candidates: which person would you be more attracted to, the cluttered one or the decluttered one? 

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