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4 Tips to Prepare the Office for Returning to the Workplace

4 Tips to Prepare the Office for Returning to the Workplace

Undoubtedly, the current pandemic has hit companies and start-ups in several ways. Independently on whether your business will emerge from it stronger or not, preparing your offices for the return is essential. Safety measures seem never to be enough, yet prevention and necessary adjustments can make the life of employers easier. Here are 4 tips to start crafting your “return to work” plan.

Get informed

While no entrepreneur could have been prepared or equipped for this instance, the environment is calling for a quick response. It is still not sure when offices will be able to return to normality, yet no owner can afford to lose extra time once return to business is allowed.

Some resources, such as the guidelines released on the GOVUK, can help you streamline the process. Other governmental agencies, such as OSHA, published useful indications which, even if not strictly related, offer you additional suggestions.

Designate a person to lead the efforts

It is vital to create a position – or dedicated team – to craft a “return to work” plan and put it in place. Indeed, especially in the case of growing and enlarging businesses, a designated person should direct the efforts to avoid additional confusion and disorganization.

Ideally, this team should include an IT specialist, a Human Resources expert, and senior management members at least. This strategy ensures that only a small number of people are in the frontline and can orchestrate the rest of the workforce.

Stock up on PPE and sanitary products

Irrespective of whether you are dealing with a 4 person office or you need to manage a large growing number of employees, you should think about the sanitary products and PPE they will need in advance. This may include, but is not limited to, masks, disinfectants, gloves, and hand sanitizer dispensers. You can usually purchase this sort of PPE in bulk. If you need to purchase some gloves, for instance, then you might want to do so via the unigloves website. There will be similar retailers for the other types of PPE required, too.

Depending on the type of enterprise you are running, you might also consider implementing goggles and isolation rooms. In any case, placing an order for Wholesale Products in these categories is essential. Ultimately, employers should be ready to apply screening tests and health questionnaires before granting access to the offices.

Looking at the future

Offices and start-ups have been benefitting from several revolutions in the last few years. Remote and flexible working are among the one that remained advantageous during this pandemic, as it guaranteed that business could go on as usual. However, others, such as open-space office plans, have turned out to increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The pandemic can offer a unique opportunity to any entrepreneur to rethink the way business in the office is conducted and implement structural changes. These can include measures to ensure social distancing guidelines.

However, this could be time to create more environmentally-friendly spaces. It means, which can not only look after the health of every employee but also fit the current safety measures. In any case, life in the office will hardly return to exactly what it was before. More likely, some changes will become permanent.

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