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4 Ways Marketing and Branding Will Help You Increase Business

Marketing and branding are two intertwined experiences that work together to improve consumer experience and perhaps enhance revenue. A brand differentiates businesses and sets them apart from the competitors, while messages about themselves are conveyed to customers, providing them with a specific experience. Marketing is the outreach to customers about the brand for awareness and using promotional methods to retain them and sell a product or service.  

Market Research 

Market research is getting and analyzing various types of data. Building market intelligence aids not only in giving crucial insights but also in making important company decisions and minimizing risk. This will help your company establish internal brand structures, which will guide the brand’s direction and the brand extension, product development. A greater understanding of the market, such as the demographics, geography, and lifestyles of your target audience, would be formed. It may also help you analyze the external landscape, which includes things like the economy, government regulations, suppliers, and competition, to mention a few. 

Market Trends

Analysis of trends to better harness the ones that might be most beneficial to you can help you tap into opportunities. The 70:20:10 marketing model, according to Smart Insights, may help you apply trends and choose which ones are worth your time. They are classified into three categories: core processes and standard marketing tactics and campaigns, technology breakthroughs that attract new audiences or push limits, and very hazardous approaches that may or may fail. Some trends to look at would be:

  • Marketing hubs and automation 
  • AI Marketing and tools
  • Personalisation and community through online events, community connections and relationship building  
  • Content marketing made conversationally    

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

Brand Story

As mentioned, the company’s identity is your brand story. This distinguishes you from the competition. To improve the customer experience, it’s critical to develop a relationship with your brand early in the consumer journey. As trust is created, how your brand is viewed may affect the dynamic surrounding it, helping you establish your authority among your competitors. When planning on acquiring authority using SEO, it’s vital to remember not to reduce your brand values, content, or quality, but to use it as a tool to build onto. If needed, a small business marketing consultant can assist you in advancing your goals.     

SEO and Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is improving a company’s online position and exposure by bringing in organic traffic. It’s crucial to remember that Google will value your brand based on the quality of your content and how relevant it is to those looking for information on various topics.

Neil Patel offers a few marketing strategies where some will be outlined, that won’t break the bank and is derived from inbound marketing, described as being coined by HubSpot. Marketing strategies are outlined plans for bringing attention to your brand and leading a consumer to you, building on the customer journey.

  • Use Facebook to target customers
  • Use surveys on customers
  • Creating interesting content
  • Enticing headlines

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