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4 Ways To Make Your Apperance At A Business Event Shine

4 Ways To Make Your Apperance At A Business Event Shine

For many firms, live events and exhibits are their bread and butter. It is where they get the most business.  Sales managers therefore will be searching for ways to get more out of the events – prospective clients, leads and sales. Here, we focus on assessing the various causes of lacklustre results, and by looking at things from the alternative perspective, identifying weak areas, that could with a bit of adjusting transform your outcomes.

1. Your space

The floor area is your basis, and if it is a touch on the small side, this could be a big issue.   People don’t want to be crammed in, and with a small booth, there are few design alternatives, so perhaps you might consider trying for something a bit more roomy. If it is outdoors, you may want to consider putting down a few Birketts Bog Mats to make it safer and more comfortable for people visiting your space

2.  Presentation

Your products will undoubtedly be on view, and with the correct balance of audio-visual, your presentation should look appealing. One nice option is to have your sales personnel stroll through the stand a few times, before opening, of course, and look for places that might be enhanced. It might be shifting that pot plant a little, or changing the lighting, but this will certainly show any design problems, and furthermore, it will offer your sales team added confidence, knowing that the setting is portraying the appropriate picture.

3. Where you are located 

If it is a large exhibition, you should carefully examine where you will hold it. It is preferable to be as close to the front as possible because you will see more people coming in and out and because the front area is usually where people congregate. Although a better location may entail a higher price tag it is almost always a worthwhile investment.

4. Have all the right information and imagery

Do not overcrowd the displays with too many items.  A good catchphrase will captivate the attention of those who happen to notice it, provided that it is large enough to be read from a distance and short enough to be read quickly. However, the use of catchphrases or the use of the brand name in big characters does not reduce the requirement for good pictures in order to attract and engage customers. The use of effective visual displays will help you stand out in an exhibition without the use of gimmicks. Additionally, your company’s logo should always be included, as it serves as your brand identification.

Another priority is making absolutely sure clients have the information they need to get in touch with you. Although you can display a website on one of the display boards, this does not replace the necessity to hand out leaflets, booklets, and business cards to potential customers and clients.

It is all about the image, and when you and your competitors are all situated in the same building, you really do have to pull out all the stops.  If your company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, a simple online search will show the location of the market leader, and by contacting them, you will have already accomplished half of your goal.

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