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5 Actionable Hacks To Boost Your Business Website

In this digital revolution, every business owner needs to register a strong online presence. Having a well-functioning business website could help you generate leads and convert prospects into high-paying clients. Statistics have clearly shown that almost 97% of customers browse for local businesses online. And when it comes to B2B companies, a whopping 94% of consumers head over to the internet to research brands. Therefore, consider boosting your website’s performance with the following hacks.

1-Mobile-optimize your site

More than 90% of shoppers use their phones to compare prices and check reviews even while in retail stores. Whether you like them or hate them, smartphones account for a huge chunk of internet traffic. And if you are a business manager who does not want to risk ruining your users’ experience, build a mobile-responsive website. 40% of customers would switch a brand if they had a bad mobile experience with a business website. Justin Smith of OuterBox advises that for e-commerce business owners, having a mobile-responsive website is a must.

2-Create effective landing pages

It’s true to say that the quality of your landing pages determines the quantity of your web traffic. When you design an effective landing page, you can easily convert your traffic into profitable call-to-actions such as sign up, downloads, and purchases. Let your landing pages vividly reflect the message you want to carry across to your target audience. For example, if you are running an electrical shop, you may want to ensure that your landing pages educate visitors about device specifications, uses, and other essential information.

3-Migrate to a dedicated server

There are several web hosting companies out there that offer competitive hosting plans for business owners. However, not all hosting companies provide value for money. Cheap hosting plans may look attractive from one perspective. But, in reality, they can spell doom for the overall performance of your website. Therefore, sign up for a dedicated server hosting plan to improve your business website’s speed, security, and performance. Migrate from your traditional server to a dedicated server to obtain the benefits of a full backup, firewalling, and unlimited customer support.

4-Incorporate social media buttons on your site

Many business owners are still struggling to make the most out of their social media applications on their company websites. That’s rather unfortunate, as social media is a vital business tool in this generation. However, it’s not enough to just place social media icons like Facebook and Twitter on your website. The key to gaining value from your social media buttons lies in creating compelling content. For instance, if you publish informative articles on your business website, your visitors may want to share your useful content with their social media followers.

5-Track your website analytics

It’s necessary to measure and monitor metrics on your website. Integrate Google Analytics into your business website and delve deeper into what’s happening on your site behind the scenes. If you can visualise your visitors’ demographics, average bounce rate, conversion rate, and traffic volume, you will be in a good position to transform your website. The vast majority of business owners have no clues about visitors’ behaviours on their websites, making it even harder for them to boost their business portals’ performance.

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