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5 Ways To Reward Your Employees More Effectively

Employee engagement plays a significant role in the development and success of an organisation. This is because the concept explores the relationship that exists between a company and its employees. It is the extent to which employees are motivated and passionate about the work they do. A practical yet creative reward system for your employees is one way to increase your employee engagement. Here are five ways to do so.

Schedule an intriguing company activity

If anything adds to your workers’ employee benefits, it is creating meaningful experiences with colleagues. Holiday trips and party nights are things employees would acknowledge and appreciate, especially after a long week of hard work. However, you can get more creative by organising “impromptu” company activities to help your employees unwind from work. These activities may include office games, hiking, spa days, or something adventurous such as ziplining! These activities get your employees working efficiently and productively as they have something to look for when they do.

Publicly acknowledge their hard work

Everyone likes to be hailed occasionally for their hard work. Simply saying “thank you for your hard work” to your employee during a meeting or in an email chain is rewarding enough. You can go a step further by creating the practice of rewarding employees by featuring them in the company’s blog or newsletter. By doing this, you show them that you recognise and appreciate their excellent work. You can also showcase your company’s values through them. Publicly acknowledging and appreciating your employees encourages them to work passionately.

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Reward them with gift boxes

Rewarding your employees with gift packages for their excellent work is a great idea! It shows you recognise their input and you care about them. It also creates a more interpersonal relationship between you and your employee. These gift boxes may include a range of several items such as office supplies, gift cards, shirts, inspirational books, and so on. Be sure that these are items your employee would appreciate and show thoughtfulness on your part. You can also include a handwritten thank you note to add a personal touch.

Offer them classes and courses

Another innovative way of rewarding your workers is by offering them an all-expense-paid course or class. There is a wide range of short courses online and in-person that help in developing and sharpening skills. Many of these courses and classes are inexpensive and would be beneficial to your worker’s professional development. If they have expressed interest in a course, you can offer to pay a sum of the total amount as a reward.

Give cash incentives

Everyone loves money, and while money is not always a significant motivator, it gives some motivation. You can reward hard-working employees with cash bonuses in addition to their monthly salaries. You can also offer them financial donations at the end of the year to acknowledge their excellent work.

Rewarding your employees goes a long way in retaining them in the company. It also motivates other employees to put in the work to enjoy these rewards too.

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