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6 Best Practices For Working Remotely


Working remotely allows businesses to save time, money, and choose from a large talent pool of candidates. Regardless of the benefits, remote working does also have some challenges. To succeed as a team check out these best practices for working remotely.

1 . Support communication

If you want to build a strong remote team you’ll need to support communication. There are plenty of communication support tools that you can use, including video conferencing software, project management software, and collaboration tools.

Project management software allows teams to share data, offer feedback, and visualize their tasks. By using the right project management tools you’ll help your teams to stay organized and productive.

2. Focus on engagement

To create the perfect remote working environment you’ve got to focus on engagement. Unless your staff are fully engaged, you’ll struggle to thrive as a company. There are many different types of employee engagement software that you can use to motivate your staff. Employee engagement software provides a platform to recognize the achievements of your staff. Research suggests that the key drivers of staff engagement are recognition, community, and a good relationship with management. Tools like Motivosity can help companies to focus on these key elements.

3. Ensure healthy boundaries

When you’re working from home it can be difficult to separate your work life and your home life. To ensure remote working success, it’s important to set healthy boundaries. You can help your team by discouraging excessive overtime and collecting feedback. Well being training can help employees to avoid burnout and produce their best work. Keeping your employees happy is the key to a successful company.

4. Provide the right tools

To provide their best work your teams need the right tools and equipment. Make sure that your employees have all the devices and software that they need. Ask them if they could benefit from any further support or equipment.

There are plenty of digital tools which can support remote operations. You might invest in CRM tools, SEO software, or analytics tools. When you support your company with digital processes you’ll streamline your operations and help your staff grow.

5. Improve company culture

Company culture can be defined as the behaviors and attitudes of a business and its staff members. It’s about how the employees interact, their values, and their key decisions. Your company culture is evident in your leadership style, your values, goals, company mission, and in your environment.

When you’re working remotely it’s even more important to keep your company culture strong. According to a study by TELUS, the key elements of a ‘strong virtual office culture’, include:

  • Providing continued learning and virtual workshops.
  • Regular catch-ups with managers, and one-to-one meetings.
  • Offering a flexible schedule.

6. Improving your space

Business leaders and employees need to create an appropriate remote working environment. Designing a purpose-built workspace can help you to separate your work life and your home life. You could build a garden room, or renovate your garage space? If you like the sound of utilizing your garage space Fusion Coatings can provide the perfect garage flooring.

Building a strong remote team is all about communication, feedback, and providing staff with the tools they need. It’s important to recognize the achievements of your employees and help them to find the correct work-life balance.

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