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7 Different Ways to Sell Your Product

7 Different Ways to Sell Your Product

To some extent, it depends what your product is as to the best way to sell it. One thing is for sure though, every business needs an online presence. Unless you have a high street store, which are too expensive for most startups, the Internet is the best way to get your product known by the audience you are aiming for.

Online Presence

It is not much use having an online presence of no one knows it is there, which is what happens to many startups. You need to promote your website. You can do this with social media, email campaigns or good content so you move up the search engine rankings. Attracting people to your site is just the first hurdle.

The site needs to be appealing enough to encourage them to stay and look closer. It also needs to be very user-friendly as a hard to navigate site will lose you viewers quicker than anything.

Retail Units

Shops in the main high street of any city will be too costly for most businesses. However, there are retail merchandise units and kiosks that are a much cheaper option. As there are many busy locations they can be placed in, you can still get a high volume of traffic viewing your wares. They are a great way to make sales in public places without enormous overheads.

TV And Radio Adverts

TV and radio adverts have not proven to be any more effective than the free ways of getting your brand known, such as social media or email marketing. However, they are a lot more expensive, which is why most TV and radio campaigns are for multinational companies that have huge marketing budgets.

7 Different Ways to Sell Your Product


Markets are a relatively cheap way to sell your products. You pay what is usually a small fee for the day and then set up your stall. Unfortunately, the attendance at markets can be affected by the weather, and if it is wet and windy you probably will not do many sales.

Trade Events

Trade events can cost quite a bit to set up, but usually, you will get a lot of foot traffic through them. Make your stand attractive and greet everyone with a smile, and you could sell a lot of products at a trade event.

Social Media

Apart from if you want to pay for adverts, social media will only cost you a lot of time, not any money. There are billions of users over all the different platforms, but for it to be effective you have to make positive posts on a regular basis., Ignore social media for a day at your peril.

Email Marketing

Put together a short email that people will actually read, and ask them to click on the link to your site.  You do not have to spend hours sending each email individually. There are online tools that will send them for you, as long as it is the same email going to everyone. You can send hundreds of thousands in this way although when the numbers get that high you should expect to [ay a small fee.

These are just a few ways to try and sell your products. You could also use sponsorship to get your brand known or hold house parties to sell them.

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