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A Successful Career is not Chosen, It is Designed

Successful Career

Having a successful career stopped being something we choose now. Career success now is a problem of design.


Full Translation of the Video

We’ll talk about making difficult choices this time. Career used to be something we chose, now I see this even more clearly. Thus, we would be doctors, architects, lawyers. The goal was to be the manager of a company. The road was set, the route was known. We would look and imagine ourselves in the shoes of people who work in those areas. And if we like the dream, we would say “Okay”. “I want to be a person like that, proceed in a job like that.” Now that we have set the career goal, we would move in that direction. We see this world falling down gradually. If you ask why, there are two special reasons: our time management is now more flexible, so we don’t have to work very closely with companies.

Second, it used to be companies’ responsibility to manage employees’ careers, but they don’t take on this responsibility anymore. It’s now the employee’s own responsibility. Surely there are other situations the system brings along with these. For example; the average employment period in companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook has fallen under 1 year. So all those people who burn themselves out to get into those companies move to another company only 12 months later. When this is the case, people don’t make long-term, 10-year career plans.

Both sides of the equation are in a fast change.

The side of this that concerns us is careers’ turning into things that we design, and not choose. Career has turned into something we design by looking at its pieces, at how we want to manage time, at what we want to do. Then how to do this design? The design requires both intelligence and creativity, along with information.

The more we use information sources and clusters in making the design, the more correct decisions we can make. This is the point I want to emphasize. Now we can manage our time in more flexible ways on our own. We don’t have to work 9-6 in a company for career and money. We might prefer this, but this is only one of the many options now while it used to be the only one. We can say “I’m going to do these a-b-c jobs in these days of the week. I’ll focus on my personal development in those days. In the remaining days of the week, I’ll invest in a skill that I haven’t practiced before but I think will potentially be important in the future.” You can design your own career by thinking of the days of the week as puzzle pieces. This is essentially time design.

The main message is that career is no longer something we go take, or choose. It’s now a problem of design.


The entire Video Series: www.youtube.com/c/ozandagdeviren


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