Bringing a Sense of Identity to Your Startup

Bringing a Sense of Identity to Your Startup: Image by MaxPixel

In a world gone mad, pursuing your own business startup seems like the only sane solution. After all, who would willingly subject themselves to a culture of corporate wage suppression and a management structure that allows their skills and dynamism to stagnate? Starting up and running your own business has never been easy, but there’s more information, guidance, coaching and access to resources than ever before for budding entrepreneurs who want to make their mark on the business landscape.

It’s said that millennials make great entrepreneurs because they have an innate understanding of the importance of branding and how it carries into every aspect of a business’ endeavours from its website design to its content marketing strategy and even the design of the physical premises. This latter aspect is the one we’ll look at here. It’s essential to imbue your workplace with a sense of your brand’s personality. A visual reminder of the ethos, ideals and standards for which your brand and your business stands. Here are some ways to bring a sense of identity and personality to your startup.

Create a foyer that makes a first impression

Needless to say, first impressions count! Whether you’re meeting a key client for the first time, onboarding a new member of staff or meeting a skilled candidate at a job interview, your foyer should give visitors a taste of your business’ personality. How do you want your brand to be represented in the walls, the desks and the seating? A wall mural is a great way to make a stunning first impression and there’s even a marketplace for hiring professional graffiti and mural artists. Do you want your foyer to be cosy and welcoming with comfy armchairs and an aroma of espresso? Or do you want it to be vibrant and dynamic; an inspiration to your employees when they walk in every morning? There are no right or wrong answers, it’s all about which look suits you best.

Add amenities that show you value your employees

When employees feel valued they are likely to be more productive. Thus, when you have the amenities that will make their work-life less stressful, easier and more pleasant they’re far more likely to stay loyal to you and far less likely to cross the road to give their skills to your competitors.

Whether you offer them vending machines full of healthy snacks, cool games and other amenities for their downtime or simply a space in which they can go and switch off their brains for a few minutes, these amenities will show that yours is a startup that values and respects its employees.

Use natural materials wherever possible

In the workplace, as in the home, many employers have begun to adopt a more minimalistic approach in their decor. They opted for more use of natural materials like wood, stone, and cotton. Why? Firstly, because proximity to natural materials is conducive to mental wellbeing and productivity, and secondly because this mode of decor injects the workplace with a sense of maturity and zen-like calm. It also helps to depict your business as more ethically and sustainability-focused.

Make the place look fun… But not like a toy shop

Finally, it’s important that your workplace decor demonstrates that you have a sense of fun. That while you value productivity and get the job done on time, you are not staffed by soulless automatons. There’s a fine line between giving your premises a sense of fun and making it look like a toy shop. Investors, new clients and prospective employees will struggle to take you seriously if your workplace looks like the set of Nathan Barley.

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