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Awesome B2B Branding Tips You Need To Know

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B2B companies need branding just as much as consumer-facing firms. That’s because they still serve people and, ultimately, it is individual stakeholders in other companies who decide whether they want to buy or not. 

Unfortunately, the topic of B2B branding is somewhat underserved. Firms in the sector know that they need to pay it more than lip service, but what they should be doing practically isn’t always entirely clear. 

This post is meant to be a kind of guide for B2B companies to make it easier for them to develop and nurture their brands. Check out the following tips: 

Focus On Retention

B2B businesses don’t tend to win new customers very often. Getting companies who are already happy with their suppliers to switch is virtually impossible. Thus, B2B marketing should gear itself towards retention – keeping hold of customers already on the books. This way, the lifetime value of each customer goes up. 

The flipside of this is that acquisitions should be organic. Trying to force new business doesn’t usually work because the process of actually shifting from one supplier to another can be a challenging process for B2B buying firms. 

Get Your Public Relations Right

Getting your public relations right is another big part of successful B2B branding. Firms that understand how to please their audiences tend to perform better than those that do not. 

This is particularly true in the technology sector. Firms need B2B tech PR to help them build trust with their target markets and prevent any brand-related fallout on social media. 

Choose Your Channels Wisely

Most B2B companies used LinkedIn. It’s the premier business network and a great place to advertise about what you offer. 

What makes the social network such a good choice? It’s mainly to do with the sheer length of time people are willing to spend reading on the platform. Users don’t usually just flick through mindlessly. Instead, they take the time to read what you say and fully understand your products and services. 

Pinpoint Your Targets

When you sell to a company, you’re effectively selling to a whole group of people. For example, when SaaS firms try to flog their products to brands, all staff will eventually use them. 

But buying decisions are usually in the hands of just a handful of people. Your job is to find out who, specifically, these people are, and then address them. 

Companies have dealt with this tricky issue in a number of ways. For example, some software brands forward users to websites that reflect their status in the company. So, for example, financial decision-makers might experience a different website from, say, company executives, since these individuals are interested in different things. 

Develop A Clear Message

Lastly, you’ll want to think carefully about the type of message that your audience wants to hear. The goal here is to always think about how you can make people’s jobs easier. Most workers want you to give them a solution that will reduce their workload and impress their colleagues at the same time. So, always brand with this in mind. 

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