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Awesome Landing Page Ideas To Catch Your Audience’s Eye

Landing Page

Creating a great website is essential for your business as it gives people the chance to come to a place where they are able to see your products and services and learn more about who you are and how you do business. The first page of a website is the most crucial one of all as it will set the tone for the rest of the visit, and ensuring that you landing page is top class is essential for success. Here are some ways you can make your landing page awesome this year.

Immediate sign up screen

One way to grab the attention of your customers and also hopefully retain their business right away is to have a pop up screen when they enter your website which invites them to join your newsletter for exclusive offers and news which no one else has access to. This can be a good way to pull people in from the first second and you will likely get a lot of new subscribers this way.

Giveaway flash up

Another pop up screen which you can have for the website is a giveaway or a special offer. It could be that for the Halloween season you have 40% off certain items, or perhaps you are giving away a selection of items before the festive season as a gift to your audience. Make sure to have a fun banner on this pop up and make it easy for people to either enter the giveaway or get a discount with a code.

A video playing in the banner

One fun way to grab the attention of anyone who click onto your website is to add a video on the homepage which plays as the website is launched. When looking for ways to better your website it is helpful to use a firm like https://www.figmentagency.com/website-consulting-london/ and these will be able to add this onto your homepage for you. How many times has a video on Facebook caused you to stop what you were doing and take some notice? This is the same effect for your website and will keep people on the site for longer.

Stunning images and a beautiful slideshow effect

Imagery is always a massive part of a website and it can be the difference between a professional looking site and one which looks amateur. When taking photographs for your website be sure to take your time and use the right lighting to get the best quality image you can. You can find photography tips here https://www.exposureguide.com/top-10-digital-photography-tips/ to help you improve your skills and then you can add these images to your front page to catch the eye of your customers.

Team faces and testimonials

People like people. If you want to make an immediate connection with your workers you can always have your own faces on the homepage talking about yourselves or you can have testimonials which tell the customer how popular and reliable you are.



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