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Backing Up Your Small Business


Backups are a bit like updates. We know that we need them. We know that they are helpful and often essential. We know that they’ll protect us, personally and professionally. But, whenever that little “update now” button pops up, we’re too busy. We haven’t got time to restart our computer or our applications, and we ignore it. Ignoring software updates means that you aren’t getting what you are paying for. Your computer, mobile phone or other device isn’t safe and secure from threats and that you’re not getting the best out of your technology. Which in business, means that you’re not able to offer your customers and clients the best.

Backups aren’t quite the same. Failing to backup your files, data and any other information that you hold can mean that you waste time if your power goes out and you can’t get online to access files. It can mean that critical information and work is lost. It can even put your customers at risk and reduce the speed and quality of your service. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you should be backing up your small business.


Get a Backup Generator

Files aren’t the only things that you can backup. You can use a Gas Oil powered generator to ensure that if there’s a power cut, you can still access your work, you can still serve your customers, and your business doesn’t face what could be costly downtime. A backup generator is essential if you work in healthcare, and even the food industry, but when working out if it’s worth it for you, ask yourself what would happen to your business if the power went out for a full day. How much money would you lose? What would you be able to do with the downtime?

Automate Website Backups

Even with the best safety plugins and spam filters, your website is at risk. It could get hacked, or something could go wrong causing you to lose work. This can be disastrous. But, backing up your whole site regularly can take time, and it’s often something that we forget, or put off until we’re less busy. Automate your website backups, so that they happen in the background without your even knowing about it.

Use the Cloud

Saving files and data online gives you options. You can work wherever you are, you can still access your files if your computer or power is down, and your team has access to the files that you need them to, without your having to send them all of the time. It’s a simple way to keep things accessible.

Don’t Neglect Hard Copies

Now that we save so much online, most of us are guilty of totally neglecting hard copies. Saving online is great for the environment and helps to simplify your systems. But, what if your internet went down? Keeping a hard copy of important contracts and information can still be helpful.

The key to keeping your work safe is often a backup plan and multiple options. Make sure you know where everything is backed up and how many times, but create as many copies as you need to for full accessibility.

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